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Mobal Recycles 20,000 UK Royal Mail Bikes and Donates to Malawi

Mobal Communications has recycled 20,000 discarded bicycles from the UK Royal Mail and donated to a rural township in Malawi. To date, the UK-based mobile phone provider has distributed over $10 million through its charity, The Krizevac Project, which creates opportunities for education, jobs and has recently completed the Mother Teresa Children’s Centre in this rural Malawi township. These bikes are refurbished by Malawi villagers and sold to others, thereby creating jobs and providing dependable transportation for its purchaser.

Beehive Enterprises worker Selina Masamba riding a refurbished Royal Mail bike.
Beehive Enterprises worker Selina Masamba riding a refurbished Royal Mail bike.

The company has also purchased and shipped two brand-new Suzuki Jimmys, which are being used to transport sick children to hospitals and source much-needed supplies for the Children’s Centre.

Using the philosophy “teach a man to fish, and he eats for life,” Mobal has been putting money into Malawi for 7 years, transforming this rural township into a thriving, self-sufficient community by providing vocational opportunities and enterprises to the residents.

Mobal’s CMO Jared Owen saw a great opportunity when the British postage system phased out the Royal Mail Bikes. “Dependable transportation in the form of a bike can completely transform a family in rural Malawi. The funds from the sales of these refurbished bikes go directly to the children’s center and are changing the lives of these kids, so it’s a win-win situation.”

Royal Mail bikes awaiting refurbishment in Malawi.
Royal Mail bikes awaiting refurbishment in Malawi.


Using refurbished Royal Mail bikes for unique purposes in Malawi.
Using refurbished Royal Mail bikes for unique purposes.

Mobal Chairman, Tony Smith, smiles broadly as he speaks about the new arrivals, “I’m passionate about making sure the equipment fits its purpose, whether it’s the right phones for American travelers or the right vehicles for this African children’s center. The lightweight Suzuki Jimmys are probably the most economical 4X4 off-roaders going; they’re supported by local dealers and will mean needy children are well served.”

Mobal staff with the two new jeeps before being shipped to the Mother Teresa Children's Center.
Mobal staff with the two new jeeps before being shipped to the Mother Teresa Children’s Center.


Through the Krizevac Project, Mobal has set out to transform 15 of the neediest communities, each in a different African country. As Smith explains, “Mobal customers are helping some of the poorest people in the world when they purchase our product.”

To learn more about Mobal and the Krizevac Project visit: Our Story.

Author: Jared

Jared is the Chief Marketing Officer for Mobal Communications. He is responsible for improving a customers experience both on-line and offline with the company. Used to have a mild addiction to Diet Coke!

5 thoughts on "Mobal Recycles 20,000 UK Royal Mail Bikes and Donates to Malawi"

  • Rhodrick Longwe says:

    Thanks for asuch work

  • Rhodrick Longwe says:

    Am actually acountry direct er for acharity organization called REAP TRUST.we do charity work with primary and secondary School s and do assist old people and special needs children across the country am happy to hear what moblal is doing l wish if we could become partners in charity work as such currently we are doing some work in kasungu nkhamenya area .ware trying to complete aschhool block we jus managed to raise 600pounds God bless you all

    • Emma says:

      Hi Rhodrick, Thank you for your comment and I’m glad to hear that you are happy with our work in Malawi.

      Our charity work is carried out by Krizevac Project and I recommend that you get in touch with them to discuss your proposal further – they would love to hear from you!

      Kind regards,

  • David Harriman says:

    There are many thousands of unused Ofo Bikes laying around which could make a huge difference if they were shipped to Africa. ☺

  • Glen Teason says:

    I think your sharing is awesome and what you are doing for the poor in Malawai. Our church here in Texas also does work in Africa and supports a missionary and his wife, in Chad, Africa who provide for the material and spiritual lives of all around him. What a blessing your work is to these people. Thank goodness for your heart and generousity to the people of Malawi.

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