International dialing from world phones

How to call internationally from a cell phone

When traveling with your cell phone internationally it can sometimes be difficult to understand the process required to place a call.

It is actually quite easy with an international cell phone providing you have the correct information, one of the benefits of GSM is the simplicity of making calls no matter what country you are in, and whichever network you are on, you will always makes calls using the same easy to use process.

How to call internationally from a cell phone

The standard international dialing procedure is:

International Dialing Procedure


The “+” represents the International Direct Dial code (IDD) for the country that you are calling from, then enter the required Country Code which for the US is 1 and then dial the local number you are calling

So for example if you needed to call Mobal in the USA from anywhere in the world you would dial
(+1 212 785 5800)

International Dialing US


To call Mobal in the UK from anywhere in the world you would dial
(+ 44 1543 426 999)

International Dialing UK


To get the “+” Key on your Mobal Phones:

Getting + on budget world phone
Budget – Samsung 1081T: Hold 0(zero)key down
+ key classic world phone
Classic – Samsung GT-E3210: Hold 0(zero) key down
+ Key on Deluxe World Phone
Deluxe – Nokia C2-01: Press * key twice
+ key Android World Phone
Smart – BLU Magic: Hold 0(zero) key down

Your Mobal International Cell Phone pack comes with a complimentary dialing procedure help card, which also features the dialing codes for over 150 countries.


To see a complete list of Country Codes, please click here.


29 thoughts on “How to call internationally from a cell phone

  1. Kate

    Hi. I have a Mobal phone with a US and a UK (44) number. If I am in UK should the US callers call the US number even if I am not in US? Or shoukd they call the 44 number?
    I’ve read the US>US info, and the UK>UK info. But clarify the US>UK info if I have a US number but am abroad.

    1. Emma

      Thank you for your comments – unfortunately we are unable to provide support via the Blog but would be happy to help if you could call in on 212 785 5800 or e-mail Thank you.

  2. Harry Guenther

    I have two Mobal phones. I want to be able to use them in the US. When I dial either number preceded by +44, I get a message that service is not available. I can call each phone from my home phone but I can’t call from one Mobal phone to the other.

    1. Emma

      Thank you for your comments – unfortunately we are unable to provide support via the Blog but would be happy to help if you could call in on 212 785 5800!

  3. Christine Infante

    I have a problem understanding how to get started on my new phone. All I want to do is turn it on and make phone calls. The unlock key only lasts for a few seconds is this right? It turns off before I can dial the number. I have received one text message call so the phone is working.
    Please would you send explicit instructions so I can use this phone. I have managed to set the time and date but that is all.
    Thank you

    1. Emma

      Thank you for your comment Christine. I’m sorry to hear you are having problems understanding how to get your phone up and running. I have passed your question onto our support team who will contact you today. Hope this helps.

  4. bruce morin

    When in the uk calling a number in the uk how do I dial it. Also second guestion, when I’m in the uk and someone in the USA wants to call me, what is the dialing procedure and third question. I’M in the uk and I want to call the USA how do I dial the number

  5. carrie

    I am in France attempting to dial French numbers and I keep getting error message. I have tried any number of times, combinations, and phone numbers with no success. I can call united States numbers with no problem. Right now, the phone is useless to me. Can you please help ?

    1. Jared

      Hi Carrire,

      The correct dialing method for calling this French number 05 59 01 20 00 would be:

      +33 5 59 01 20 00

      I hope this helps, please let us know if this doesn’t work for you.


  6. Jared

    Hi Patricia,

    Your son will need to dial 011 44 then your Mobal phone number.



  7. Patricia Lavery

    I am confused about my son in the US calling my Mobal phone while I am in Spain. Does he need to dial the US exit code of 011, then 44 XXX XXX XXXX ? Does he need a * before the 44? OR can he just dial without the exit code? Thank you.

  8. Joy

    Hello! We’ve just purchased 2 Mobal cell phones and 1 SIM for us three women going on a European holiday. We are arriving on different airlines in our first destination. To call or text each other on our new Mobal phones, do we still dial ” + 44 ” and does it make a difference on our charges? Thanks very much.

    1. Jared

      Hi Joy,

      Yes you would simply dial or text +44 and then then the phone number to make a call, it won’t make a difference to your charges, there is a separate rate for calls from Mobal to Mobal phones.

      If you have nay more questions do not hesitate to contact us.


      1. Jen

        Thanks for answering these questions. As I was reading through them, a follow-on question occurred to me. I figured there was a different rate for dialing mobal to mobal. Could you please tell me what it is? I bought a mobal phone for my sister to help with our rendezvous in Germany since we have different travel paths and times into Europe.

  9. lenora

    Hello Jared,
    We are a family of 4 traveling to Germany and want to be able to reach each other – so will need 2 phones. I just want to confirm that we can use the phones to not only calls between Germany and US, but also within Germany. Thank you.

    1. Jared

      Hi Lenora,

      Yes you will be able to make calls within Germany with your phone. You can place calls locally to German phone numbers as well as being able to call home. I hope this helps.

      If you have any more questions, then just let us know.



  10. Kathy G

    I purchased the SIM card for my unlocked phone. Once I enable the APN & roaming, what is the best way to “test the phone” here in the USA, before travel, or should I wait until we arrive in Europe? I was merely going to call your US Customer Service number from my phone, speak w them and then ask them to call me back. Thanks!

    1. Jared

      Hi Kathy, Yes you can call our US Customer Service team to check if your phone is working correctly.


      1. Kathy G

        Thank you!

    2. Kathy G

      I tested my phone using the Mobal sim and it went thru to your NY office. However, I failed to disconnect my Data and racked up charges for One day of $115+ Yikes. It would be good to have this bit of info on your User Guide, to disable your smart phone’s data and to use wifi to avoid Data & Roaming charges. It was not obvious to me that setting up and testing my phone would incur so many MB!!!

      1. Jared

        Hi Kathy,

        Sorry to hear this, I will speak to the customer support team to see if we can get the phones user guide updated to let customers know what they need to do and showing them how to do it.



        1. GLYNIS MORGAN

          How do I do this on my recently purchased Samsung E3210? Thanks!

          1. Emma

            Thank you for your comments – unfortunately we are unable to provide support via the Blog. However, I have forwarded your comment onto our support team who will contact you shortly.

  11. Dana Black

    My daughter will be in France and when she calls me here in the U.S. the country code for the U.S. is 1 – what other number does she need to dial besides our area code and phone #??????????????????????

    1. Jared

      Dialing from the phone really is as easy as we have described above, all she would need to do is dial the + followed by the country code and then the phone number you are trying to reach!

      So if your daughter was ringing our New York support number she would dial +1 212 785 5800

      If you have any more questions just let me know.



  12. Martin B. Brilliant

    When in the UK calling Mobal in the UK, do I need to dial +44?
    When in Italy calling another number in Italy, do I need to dial +39?
    If I don’t need to, does it make any difference whether I do or not?

    1. Jared

      Hi Martin,

      No when in the UK and Italy calling local numbers you can dial without the +44, +39 just remember to include the zero(0).

      We recommend using the “+ key” and the country code as it means you can save your favourite numbers in your phone and they will work wherever you are in the world, they will even work when your in the same country as the person you are calling.

      1. Jim Alt

        Jared, to clarify your response, will the +44 stored number work when calling a UK number from my Mobal phone? I will be in London calling a London number. Thanks.

        1. Jared

          Hi Jim,

          Yes the stored +44 will work when you are in the UK.



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