How To Check For Voicemail On Your Mobal World Phone

After a recent survey we have found that our customers turn to our blog for help and support when they have a question about their Mobal Service. Most answers can either be found on our Support pages or our FAQ pages. But now, for our most common questions we will be including them right here on the Mobal blog for your convenience.

Please be aware that the following post only refers to Phones and SIM Cards purchased from April 2014. If your Phone or SIM Card was purchased prior to April 2014 please refer to our earlier blog post here.

Our first support post covers all you need to know about accessing your Mobal Voicemail Service. Want to know more? Get in touch with the Mobal Support Team.

Does my Mobal World Phone have a Voicemail Service?

Yes, our World Phones have a Voicemail service.

How do I activate the Mobal Voicemail Service?

Your Mobal Voice mail Service comes pre-activated and ready to use; however you are welcome to deactivate it at any point if you feel the service is not required.

How do I access my voicemail?

To access your voicemail simply dial 605 from your Mobal World Phone (charged at the standard Mobal rate). It is as simple as that, there is no need for additional dialing codes or a +. Just dial 605 and activate the call.

How do I know If I have a voicemail message?

The Mobal service will alert you when you have a new voicemail message, so there is no need to keep dialing your voicemail service to check for new messages. You will be alerted by a text message from number 605 and it will contain the below message;

Call 605 to listen to your voicemail. You have a new message from (the contact number) on (date and time the message is left).

How do I delete a Voicemail message?

Once you have listened to your voicemail message you will be given a list of options on how you would like to proceed. Each option has a number which you can input on your keypad to choose your option. Currently your options are;

Press 9 to save the message

Press 7 to delete it

Options within the voicemail system are subject to change and we would recommend that you wait to hear the voice prompts for further information.

Are there any charges for using the Mobal Voicemail Service?

There is no charge for message deposits.

Listening to messages (i.e calling 605) is charged at the standard Mobal rate. You must be in a network service area to access your voicemail and listen to messages.

Can I deactivate the Mobal Voicemail Service?

If you wish to deactivate your voicemail please call +1 212 785 5800

Need further help?

If you have a question about your Mobal Voicemail Service that hasn’t been answered above then please contact us for further assistance. The Mobal Support Team is here to help you.

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