How to insert the SIM card in the Nokia C2-01

This is our quick and simple guide showing you how to insert the SIM card in the Mobal Deluxe Phone, the Nokia c2-01 Deluxe phone.

When your Mobal World Phone Deluxe package arrives, when you open it you will find the following items inside:

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You will need to open your SIM pack to get the SIM card ready for inserting in to your Mobal deluxe phone.

1. This is your SIM card in its holder. 2. Simply pop it out and it will then be ready to install.


1. Place two fingers on the phone back and slide it down to release the back cover off the phone. 2. Insert your finger nail in to slot just below the camera, open the SIM holder. 3. Carefully place the SIM card in to the SIM card socket. Make sure the gold contacts on the SIM are face down to meet the gold contacts on the phone and the bevelled corner of the SIM card is facing the left side of the phone.
4. Close the SIM holder and clip it into place. 5. Replace the battery, simply ensure the gold contacts on the battery match up with the gold contacts on the phone. Snap the battery into place. 6. Replace the back cover, slide up to top to clip into place.

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