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User guide for Mobal’s World Phone and World SIM

  1. About GSM and the Mobal GSM SIM card
  2. How to make calls
  3. Call charges and invoicing
  4. SMS Text Message Service
  5. Useful information
  6. The voicemail service

1. About GSM and the Mobal GSM SIM card

The worldwide GSM network

The GSM network (Global System for Mobile communications) is the most widespread mobile network in the world. In order to use the GSM network you require an unlocked GSM handset (which is compatible with the local cellular frequency where you will be using it) and a SIM card.

The Mobal GSM SIM card

GSM phones require a small electronic chip, called a SIM card, to be inserted into a slot in the handset. This SIM card is the “heart” of your phone – it contains your mobile phone number, your phone book, and all of your registration information. The Mobal GSM SIM card provides you with access to over 320 GSM networks in over 160 countries.

Your GSM handset

All current GSM handsets should be compatible with the Mobal GSM SIM card. However, you should check with the supplier of your handset that there are no SIM card restriction locks in place. Also, you must check that your GSM handset is of the correct frequency for each of the countries that you intend to visit. Most of the world’s GSM networks operate at 900MHz and 1800MHz. However, in order to use the networks in the USA and Canada you will need a handset that is also capable of operating at the 1900MHz frequency. Please refer to the Mobal GSM Country List/Call Rates for details.

How to insert your Mobal GSM SIM card into your GSM handset

Carefully remove the small SIM “chip” from the plastic card. The method of fitting the SIM card into your GSM handset varies with each manufacturer. It is usually a simple process of inserting the card into a slot on the back of the handset, often under the battery. Please refer to your handset’s user guide for details.

How to Access Voicemail

To access your Voicemail messages please dial  901 from your Mobal  phone.

Author: Emma

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11 thoughts on "User guide for Mobal’s World Phone and World SIM"

  • Brenda says:

    When someone calls and leaves a voicemail is that considered a call? Will I be charged for that? Also can I disable voicemail? Thanks

    • Emma says:


      There is no charge for message deposits. Listening to messages (ie. calling 901) is charged at the rate of calling to other Mobal Worldphones. You are able to disable your voicemail. Could you tell me when you purchased your world phone? Alternatively, you can find the answer to your question on our support centre –

      Kind regards
      Mobal Support

  • Sue says:

    Does your phone system work from India to the US? If so what are the charges? How do I find this information on your website?

    • Jared says:

      Hi Sue, Yes the Mobal World Phone will work from India to the US.

      Calls are priced at $3.95/minute from India to the US.

      You can find out more here

  • michael says:

    Please my world sim is not receiving text Massage for the pass one year, please what will i do to get it solve.

    • Jared says:

      Hi Michael,

      Could you please contact the support team on +1 212 785 5800 or and let them know your account number or World SIM phone number and they should be able to help sort this issue out.



  • joseph iosca says:

    How can I find intruction video on the web for settiing up my blu magic phone

  • joseph iosca says:

    Please e mail me how to find user videos on the web my blu magic instruction guide is extremly vague on how to install sim card,sd chip etc I just received the phone thank you

  • james Gerspacher says:

    my “Mobal World SIM User Guide is ilegible. the blue print is faeded. need legible copy.

    • Tren says:

      James, give the support team a call on +1 212 785 5800. They will be able to issue you with a new copy.

  • Satishwagh says:

    Advice how this sim works . When u call number do u get dialling number immediately or it is like a call goes to to a particular country and comes back . Presently I use true phone is it similar to that . Mr wagh

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