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A True Rugby Hero in Japan: Mick Wright

“Cometh the hour, cometh the man!”. Sometimes there are people who make their mark in history for just telling as it is. Meet Mick Wright – Executive Director, Operations at Rugby World Cup 2019. We have a message for Mick on behalf of the travelling public- “Mick, we love you!”.

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Why do we love Mick Wright?

The lone hero has long been an archetype we’ve been in awe of. Mick is clearly a fan too. Channeling his inner Lone Ranger Mick single-handedly injected energy into sleepy Japanese provincial towns with a piercing clarion call.

Citing seminal historical moments like the 2003 Rugby World Cup match between Australia & Ireland & the 2007 Rugby World Cup match between South Africa & Fiji he put fear into his bravest listeners.

Mick’s Message?

Mick cut to the chase. He stood tall on the podium and locked eyes with his Japanese audience. He warned them of destruction from on high from the vagaries of fickle social media account holders. It wouldn’t be tolerated he said.

Japan Must Not Run Out Of Beer!

It cannot be countenanced. It has happened before. In  2003 in Australia and in 2007 in France at the respective Rugby World Cups. He helpfully explained that in England during the 2015 Rugby World Cup in 2 days an entire month’s supply of beer was demolished. By this time the crowd were trembling with fear, anticipation and a modicum of hope & expectation.

The offenders he went on to say would be those pesky Brits & Irish who long for a pint along with their Australian neighbours. Getting name-checked by our hero was the icing on the cake for this writer who stands in awe of a job well done. Our hero has left no room for error. Japan must respond. Beer will be made, stored and consumed in copious amounts. Mick- we salute you!

Mick Wright- a media Darling?

Despite the serious tenor of the message Mick has become somewhat of an online celebrity in the Japanese media. Not a day goes by when his passionate diatribe is not quoted. Brewers are in a frenzy- the world awaits.

Mick Travels to Sapporo- Nikkei Newspaper Article – 21st March 2019

Mick’s Kyushu AdventureYahoo Japan News– 12th March 2019

Mick Goes BallisticMainichi Newspaper– 2nd March 2019

Mick’s Rampage ContinuesYomiuri Newspaper– 13th March 2019

Editor’s Note: the above blog post is a little tongue-in-cheek. Nonetheless Mick Wright has done an amazing job getting the message through to concerned local governments that rugby fans mean no harm. The PR boon he left in the wake of his visit is commendable. A job well done by the RWC Organisers!

Mick Wright Supporters Group

We at Mobal are adoring fans of Mick Wright. The moment Mick walked into our lives we were changed for the better. To carry on his good work Mobal have been busy putting together as much beer-related info for rugby fans as possible.

Check out the following- and see you in Japan- now the land of abundant beer. Thanks Mick!

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