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All 95 Tokyo Museum Grutto Pass Facilities (Google Map Included)


Here’s the full list of each Museum, Art Museum, Zoo, Aquarium, and Garden that are included in the pass. Each facility has either free exhibits, discounted exhibits, or both free and discounted exhibits with the use of the Tokyo Museum Grutto Pass. For a deeper dive into some of these attractions, you can check out our other blog posts here:


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Ueno Area


Free Admission:


Shitamachi Museum – A museum dedicated to the old Downtown Culture of Tokyo (Edo)


Sogakudo of The Former Tokyo Music School – A museum which used to be an old music school. They still hold concerts.


Ueno Zoological Gardens – A Zoo right in the Heart of Ueno Park


Kyu-Iwasaki-tei Gardens – The former estate and gardens of the Iwasaki family


ASAKURA Museum of Sculpture – Art Museum dedicated to the works of the famous sculptor, Fumio Asakura


Calligraphy Museum – Museums displaying several historical pieces to explain the history of calligraphy in Japan


Ichiyo Memorial Museum – Museum dedicated to the famous author Ichiyo Higuchi


Sekido Museum of Art – Art Museum housing the works of Senju “Sekido” Satoh


Mori Ogai Memorial Museum – Museum dedicated to the famous japanese military man and literary translator, Mori Rintaro


Discounted Admission:


The Ueno Royal Museum – An art museum who’s governor and honorary patron is Prince Hitachi


The National Museum of Western Art – Art Museum which houses works of western origin. Permanently displays Western art from the Medieval Era and French Modern Sculpture


National Museum of Nature and Science – Museum dedicated to the Natural Sciences, with Japan region specific galleries, and world wide galleries


Tokyo National Museum – Comprehensive art and antiques museum displaying Japanese and other Asian works


The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts – Art Museum displaying modern art works, including former faculty and students


Free and Discounted Admission:


Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum – Art museum with multiple exhibitions, ranging from modern to ancient art and art styles


The Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace Area 


Free Admission:


Mue Hamaguchi Yozo: Yamasa Collection – Art museum dedicated to the works of Yozo Hamaguchi


Mitsui Memorial Museum – Art museum closely associated with the Mitsui Group, displaying many Japanese and Asian works


National Film Archive of Japan – Art Museum displaying many works and techniques of Japanese filmmakers and animators


Mitsuo Aida Museum – Art museum dedicated to the works of Mitsuo Aida


Printing Museum, Tokyo – A museum dedicated to craft of printing and how it influenced history and culture


Showa-Kan – Museum dedicated to the Show Era of Japan


Science Museum – Science museum full of interactive exhibits


Discounted Admission:


Idemitsu Museum of Arts – Art museum with constantly changing temporary exhibits


Free and Discounted Admission:


The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo – Modern art museum with many exhibits


Crafts Gallery, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo – Art museum displaying craftsmanship


The Minato, Shibuya, Meguro, and Stegaya area:


Free Admission:


Panasonic Shidome Museum of Art – Modern art Museum


Hama-rikyu Gardens – Classica Japanese Gardens


Okura Museum of Art – Art Museum displaying works from Japan and all of Asia


The Shoto Museum of Art – An upscale Art Museum


Toguri Art Museum – Art Museum displaying many ceramics


Tokyo Photographic art Museum – Art museum specializing in Japanese photography


TOKYO METROPOLITAN TEIEN ART MUSEUM – An art museum that focuses more on Art Deco, including the gardens and the facility which used to be home to Prince Asaka


Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo – Art museum like many others, includes a citizens gallery as well


Sato Sakura Museum – An art museum with changing exhibits based on the season


ACCESSORY MUSEUM – An art museum dedicated to varying accessories throughout time, such as combs, broaches, fans, etc.


The Gotoh Museum – Art museum holding works of art collector Gotoh Keita


Seikado Bunko Art Museum – An art museum dedicated to preserving Japanese heritage


Discounted Admission:


Musée Tomo – Art museum dedicated to ceramics


SEN-OKU HAKUKOKAN MUSEUM, TOKYO – Art museum dedicated to ceramics


Mori Art Museum/Tokyo City View – Contemporary art and architecture museum/Indoor observation and outdoor sky decks


The National Art Center, Tokyo – Governmental run art museum


Yamatane Museum of Art – Art museum based around the works donated by art collector Taneji Yamazaki


Institute for Nature Study, National Museum of Nature and Science – Local gardens used for study and as a nature preserve


Free and Discounted Admission:


Setagaya Literary Museum – Museum dedicated to different literature, with many exhibits


Setagaya Art Museum – Art museum with many different exhibits displaying a wide range of artistic styles


The Shinjuku, Nerima, Ikebukuro, and Oji area:


Free Admission:


Natsume Soseki Memorial Museum – Museum dedicated to japanese writer Natsume Soseki


Shinjuku Historical Museum – Museum dedicated to Shinjuku and its history


Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum – Fashion museum in partnership with Bunka Fashion Colleges


Koga Masao Museum of Music – Museum dedicated to famous Japanese musician Koga Masao


Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery – Art museum that also features up and coming japanese artists


NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] – Museum displaying the relationship between society and technology through media


Hayashi Fumiko Memorial Hall – Museum dedicated to famous Japanese author Reiko Hayashi located in the traditional home of the author


Chihiro Art Museum Tokyo – Art museum dedicated to the works of Chihiro Iwasaki


Ancient Orient Museum – Museum dedicated to the societies of ancient asia and the orient


Paper Museum – Museum dedicated to the ancient arts of paper making and the artistic styles of it


Kita City Asukayama Museum – Museum dedicated to the history of Japan


Toyo Bunko Museum – Museum dedicated to historical Asian literature


Discounted Admission:


Nerima Art Museum – Art museum dedicated to Japanese contemporary and modern art


The Sumida, Fukagawa, and Bayside area:


Free Admission:


Tobacco and Salt Museum – Museum dedicated to the history and culture surrounding Tobacco and Salt


The Japanese Sword Museum – Museum based around the cultural and history of Japanese swords


Basho Museum – Museum dedicated to many forms of Japanese culture


Fukagawa Edo Museum – Museum with life size displays surrounding life during the Edo period of Tokyo


Nakagawa Funabasho Museum – Museum surrounding many aspects of Japanese culture, with large scale replicas and performances


Metro Museum – Museum dedicated to Japan’s public transportation systems


Tokyo Sea Life Park – Aquarium with a wide range of exhibits located in the bay area


Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome – Tropical greenhouse displaying varying types of flora


Panasonic Center TOKYO RiSuPia – Interactive technology museum owned by Panasonic


Free and Discounted Admission:


Sumida Hokusai Museum – Museum dedicated to famous Japanese artist, Katsushika Hokusai


Tokyo Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum – Museum dedicated to the Edo Period of the Tokyo area, displaying a large collection of pieces and models


Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo – Art museum surrounding contemporary art and has interactive exhibits


Miraikan – The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation – Interactive technology and science museum


The Tama area:


Free Admission: 


Kichijoji Art Museum – Art museum with many exhibits


Inoshika Park Zoo – Zoo with a focus on smaller animals


Mitaka City Gallery of Art – Art museum with many exhibits


Mitaka City Yuzo Yamamoto Memorial Museum – Memorial museum dedicated to Yuzo Yamamoto


Mushakoji Saneatsu Memorial Museum – Memorial museum dedicated to famous painter, Musashi Kouji Saneatsu


Jindai Botanical Gardens – Garden park in the traditional japanese style


Fuchu City Kyodo-no-Mori Museum – Indoor and outdoor museum based around Fuchu city


Tamarokuto Science Center – Interactive science museum


Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum – Outdoor museum with reconstructed, true to form, Edo period buildings


Kodaira Hirakushi Denchu Art Museum – Art museum dedicated to the famous japanese sculptor, Hirakushi Denchu


Tama Zoological Park – Zoo with a large amount of exhibits with animals from many regions


HACHIOJI YUME ART MUSEUM – Art museum dedicated to japanese artist


Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts – Art museum based around graphic arts of both japanese and worldwide artists


Free and Discounted Admission:


Fuchu Art Museum – Art museum dedicated to multiple styles of art including many different exhibits


Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama area:


Free Admission:


Sogo Museum of Art – Art museum displaying a wide array of art and many exhibits


Sail Training Ship NIPPON MARU/Yokohama Port Museum – Marine museum with a variety of events


Museum of Yokohama Urban History/Yokohama Museum of EurAsian Cultures – Museum dedicated to the history of Yokohama/Museum dedicated to both European and Asian cultures


YOKOHAMA ARCHIVES OF HISTORY – Archives dedicated to articles from the Edo and Showa periods


Sankeien Garden – Traditional Japanese-style gardens


The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama – Art museum dedicated to worldwide modern artists


Saitama Prefectural Museum of History and Folklore – Museum dedicated to Japanese History and Folklore


Free and Discounted Admission:


Yokohama Museum of Art – Art museum with a large variety of different art styles


Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Cultural History – Museum dedicated to the cultural history of Japan


Chiba City Museum of Art – Art museum dedicated to historical Japanese art




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