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Bic Camera- Japan’s Best Shopping!

Bic Camera is a true Japanese institution. Just hum a few bars of the theme song and someone will shout “Bic Camera”! Despite the name however Bic Camera is not only cameras. In fact it’s Japanese best overall electronics/computer/toys/ alcohol & computer store. And it’s everywhere- downtown Tokyo, downtown Osaka, downtown Kyoto- even Narita & Haneda airports have Bic Camera stores.

And to whet the appetite further they are continually expanding. Last count we took they had 48 stores- with lots more if you count the Sofmap subsidiary chain of shops.

Shopping HQ- Downtown Tokyo

The flagship store remains that of Yurakucho Honkan (near Tokyo station) and offers a cornucopia of choice. There’s no point in us even trying to help you with this one. Quite often there’s a loud man outside on a microphone screaming the latest offers but with multi-level high intensity shopping awaiting you so we’ll keep our message simple.

15% Off- For Mobal Users

Mobal users who live overseas automatically enjoy 8% tax-free shopping at Bic Camera. But we’ve gone one better. With this coupon you can now get an additional 7% to get 15% maximum off your Bic Camera shopping bill!

Coupon valid until end of April 2020 – Happy Shopping!

Note: a Passport with Valid Tourist Visa must be shown at time of purchase

Click on the coupon below to expand.

Valid until April 2020

Author: Declan Somers

Thanks to the people of Japan and the efforts of a UK-based telecoms company Mobell/Mobal am happy to assist in providing a hot school meal daily for kids in Malawi, Africa through a Japanese registered NGO- Seibo.

2 thoughts on "Bic Camera- Japan’s Best Shopping!"

  • Martin Pardys says:

    on Bic Camera Japan, there is an Olivia Newton-John cd called 40/40, it advertises a song called “Ballad of Autumn wind,” I would like to know if it really is on the Bic camera cd, because everywhere else that has this cd does not mention the song at all. Any information will be appreciated.
    Martin Pardys

    • Hi Martin,
      I am guessing we’ve not responded to you in time. However it is common for CDs sold in Japan to have bonus tracks
      that were not released on albums sold outside of Japan. I know many foreign collectors try to buy the Japanese covers to get access to unreleased tracks elsewhere. While it doesn’t answer your question it might help you decide whether or not to make the purchase or not.
      All the best,

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