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How to Pay by Cash – Introducing Cash Convenience Store Payment (SmartPit Payment)

For ongoing Japan Unlimited customers who have already made their initial payment via credit card/PayPal, we are delighted to introduce our new SmartPit payment service…

You can pay your bill by cash in Mini Stop, Lawson, Family Mart and Circle K / Sunkus convenience stores.

If you wish to change your payment method to cash payment, or if you have any questions about our cash payment service, please just email us at – we’ll be glad to help!

Using SmartPit is easy. Each month, we’ll email you to let you know how much you need to pay. Simply follow the instructions below to pay by cash at your preferred convenience store…

Payment at Lawson or Mini Stop

You can pay at Lawson or Mini Stop using their multimedia terminal “Loppi”.

Note that this machine displays Japanese language only.

Step 1: Visit the Mini Stop/Lawson Payment Machine

Visit the Mini Stop/Lawson Payment Machine

Step 2: Click “Various Payments” (the option on the left)

Click “Various Payments” (the option on the left)

Step 3: Key in your SmartPit invoice number from your email.

Key in your SmartPit invoice number from your email.

Step 4: Choose Pay by Smartpit

Choose Pay by Smartpit

Step 5: Click to close the “Be Careful” screen (this screen warns you to be careful of scammers, etc)

Click to close the “Be Careful” screen (this screen warns you to be careful of scammers, etc)

Step 6: Click the “Mobal Japan SIM” option

Click the “Mobal Japan SIM” option

Step 7: Click the Confirm button

Click the Confirm button

Step 8: Wait for your Payment Slip to print

Wait for your Payment Slip to print

Step 9: Collect your Payment Slip

Collect your Payment Slip

Step 10: Pay with cash at the Cash Register (note that you must pay within 30 minutes)

Pay with cash at the Cash Register (note that you must pay within 30 minutes)

Step 11: Collect your receipt

Collect your receipt

Step 12: All done!

All done!

Payment at Family Mart

Follow the steps below to pay your bill at Family Mart

Step 1: Click the language button on the top right of the screen to change your language from Japanese to English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese or Russian.

Step 2: Enter your Smartpit number and press “OK”.

Step 3: Click the “Mobal Japan SIM” option.  Press “OK”.

Step 4: Select “Mobal Japan SIM” again and press “OK”.

Step 5: Wait for your Payment Slip to print.  Pay with cash at the Cash Register within 30 minutes.

Payment at Circle K / Sunkus

In Circle K / Sunkus convenience stores, you do not need to use an automatic machine.  Simply go to the Cash Register and say “Smartpit Payment” and show the cashier your Smartpit Number.  Your outstanding payment amount will be displayed on the screen of the cash register.  Hand the cash to the cashier and your payment is complete!

Terms and Conditions of Mobal cash payment (Smartpit) service

– The cash payment service is available to ongoing monthly customers who have made their first month’s line rental/plan fee payment via Debit/Credit Card/PayPal.
– Each month, you will receive an email requesting cash payment of your bill within 10 days.  
– You can view a fully itemized statement of your charges in your Mobal online account.
– Your line rental/plan fee will be charged upfront in full calendar months.  Note that your first bill may be slightly higher than normal in order to adjust your billing cycle to the cash upfront payment method.
– If you do not pay your bill within 10 days via cash payment, payment will be taken from your Debit/ Credit Card/PayPal account on record.
– You must keep your Debit/credit card/PayPal account up to date in your Mobal online account.  Failure to keep your Debit/Credit Card/PayPal account up to date may result in disconnection of your service.
– If we do not receive payment from you via cash, we retain the right to change your default payment method to Debit/Credit Card/PayPal.

Author: Emma

Emma is a Online Marketing Specialist at Mobal. She is responsible for our outbound marketing efforts including planning and executing email campaigns, social media and blog posts. She also works with the Web Designers at Mobal to update the website and to help to create a better experience for the user.

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