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Now get a Japan SIM Card with no contract or termination fees!

 japan sim card

Getting a SIM for Japan has traditionally been unbelievably frustrating for overseas visitors.  Domestic Japanese providers require visitors to have a Residents’ Visa and a Japanese bank account.  Even then, the only option is to sign-up (with lots of complicated paperwork!) to a long-term contract with prohibitive termination fees!  Rental options are expensive – and often have lots of hidden charges.  Prepaid SIMs are usually data-only – so, if you need a Japanese phone number for work or pleasure, prepaid services are simply not an option.

Introducing our new Japan Unlimited SIM

Our new Japan Unlimited SIM has been designed to remove the obstacles that other providers place in your way.  It’s simple to sign up and it’s simple to cancel whenever you need to!

With the Mobal Japan Unlimited SIM, you get…

  • Unlimited data – use as much data as you like without fear of unexpected bills
  • Get a Japanese phone number & free incoming calls
  • No contract, no termination fees – cancel anytime
  • English language customer support
  • Perfect for short trips & long-term visitors to Japan

The SIM works in any unlocked handset – including smartphones and iPhones. Ordering and payment is easy – simply order online and pay with your international credit card!

The SIM is available to buy at a special launch price of ¥3000.   Users then pay ¥6000 per month from the date they choose to activate the service. Unlimited data and unlimited free incoming calls & texts are included for no additional charge. Outgoing calls & texts (if you use them) are simply billed to your credit card.  All charges are fully itemized in your online account – so you always know exactly what you are paying for.

Japan can be a difficult country to navigate!  With an unlimited data SIM in your smartphone, you can easily find your way around with maps & transportation apps.  You can even effortlessly translate Japanese phrases & menus!  Plus, you can easily keep in touch with the office, & keep the folks at home up to date with your latest Japanese adventures!  With international travel to Japan on the rise; and the additional anticipation of the Rugby World Cup in 2019 & the build up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, it’s a very exciting time to travel to Japan!

For full details on the new Japan Unlimited SIM please visit

Author: Matthew

Web designer and marketeer at Mobal Communications.

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The Japan Unlimited SIM is the only SIM of it's kind that's available to non-residents of Japan.

It comes with a Japanese phone number and unlimited data. Available as a monthly ongoing service or for short term use.

Japan Unlimited SIM Card

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