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No Contract Cell Phone Plans Makes Mobal Freedom A Superb Choice

Mobal Freedom has recently launched a brand new range of no contract cell phone plans for customers looking to take control of their cell phone bills.

These days, just about everyone has a cell phone; and thanks to the way most wireless companies do business, just about everyone also has a lengthy contract to go along with it.

Typically, these contracts are very restrictive. Want a new, fancier cell phone or more minutes or plan options? If so, be prepared to wait, in some cases as long as two years. To make matters worse, traditional cell phone plans tend to be very expensive, with some customers shelling out literally hundreds of dollars a month for wireless service.Mobal Freedom - No Contract Cell Phone Plans

At Mobal Freedom we are determined to change the face of traditional wireless phone service. We now offer no contract cell phone plans, and some of the cheapest cell phone plans on the market today, we have recently upgraded our basic $9.99/month no contract cell phone plan, and also unveiled three new plans for customers who are looking to break free from long term cell phone contracts, or the hassles of recharging a prepaid phone.

According to Marketing Manager Jared Owen, the plans give customers an “inclusive Freedom minutes bundle” that adapts to the way most people use their cell phones and their wireless service needs.

“The plan is a simple, no contract cell phone plan where customers only pay for the minutes used and never a penny more,” he said, adding that customers never required to sign a contract with Mobal Freedom.

“This inclusive Freedom minute bundle can be used for talking, texting and surfing the web any way that best fits the customer’s lifestyle, meaning people are no longer wasting money on unused calls and texts, or paying extra to visit favorite sites from the phone,” he said.

The previous basic plan offered by Mobal Freedom featured 40 minutes worth of free call allowance; Owen said this has increased by 150 percent with the new standard 100 Freedom minute  bundle.

The new no contract cell phone plans available now through Mobal Freedom are: Freedom 20, priced at $19.99 a month with 250 inclusive Freedom minutes; Freedom 30, at $29.99 a month with 400 inclusive Freedom minutes; and Freedom 40, which costs $39.99 a month with 500 inclusive Freedom minutes.

With our variety of no contract cell phone plans, Mobal Freedom can not only save customers money, but it is also helping cellular phone users break away from traditional contracts and giving clients the wireless freedom they deserve.

For more information on the new Flexi-Call Bundle plans, visit Mobal Freedom, call 888-449-8168, or email the customer support team at

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  1. joseph alezi

    need a cell phone

  2. joseph

    just cell phone to call international

    1. Tren

      Joseph, take a look at the main website. I’m sure you’ll find exactly what you are looking for.

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