Critical IsatPhone Pro Firmware Upgrade

Inmarsat has just released a Mandatory firmware upgrade meaning that the features introduced by the firmware are vitally important for the GSPS service including the network and your IsatPhone Pro handset.

Inmarsat has advised us that this upgrade is absolutely critical as IsatPhone Pro phones that are not upgraded by 30th of June, 2013, will no longer be able to register on to the satellite network and make/receive calls.

What firmware version am I using?

To check you have the latest version on your IsatPhone Pro, select Menu > Settings > About.

How to upgrade your IsatPhone Pro:

To upgrade your IsatPhone Pro firmware you first need to install the USB Drivers.

IsatPhone Pro USB Drivers

How to install your IsatPhone Pro USB Drivers

You then need to download the Firmware upgrade tool.
IsatPhone Pro Firmware Upgrade Tool

For instructions on how to upgrade your phone there is a guide available below.

How to upgrade your IsatPhone Pro

Firmware 5.2.0:

Download the new handset firmware below:
IsatPhone Pro Firmware 5.2.0

If you have any further questions please leave them in the comments section and we will strive to get them answered for you.



3 thoughts on “Critical IsatPhone Pro Firmware Upgrade

  1. Maureen Seikaly

    How does this apply to me: Maureen J. Seikaly, in Salt Lake City? Do I have this phone? Haven’t used my intern’l phone since April 2012. Probably will only use it once per year. What is the column on left (fLike, Tweet, in, inshare) it gets in the way of reading page, no “x” to close it. very irritating to a non twitter person like me

    1. Anonymous

      This does not apply to you Maureen. This only applies if you have a Satellite Phone.

      As for the column on the left, it allows the article to be shared. Apologies if this obscures your view.

  2. Richard Cato

    Do I have an Isatphone?

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