Upgrade your IsatPhone Pro to the latest Software today

For our customers who have purchased an IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phone from Mobal, there has been an upgraded version of the phones firmware released.

The new Firmware 5.0.0 is available from the Inmarsat’s IsatPhone Live 

Version 5.0.0 offers a new personal alert feature to the handset, that is very similar to the new SOS feature of the Iridium’s new Extreme handset.

The personal alert feature enables a user to send their GPS position, along with a short pre-configured message, as an email or text message, to a maximum of 10 recipients.

If required the personal alert can be sent very quickly and is restricted to 160 characters to try and maximize the reliabilty of delivery. The message is sent individually to each recipient one at a time. *

To set up and activate a personal alert, turn on your IsatPhone Pro press Menu > Extras > Personal alert > Configure personal alert. Then you can add/edit the recipients and the message.

The personal alert message the recipient receives contains the following information;

– Last GPS Fix, the time of the last GPS fix and the GPS fix accuracy
– The time the personal alert was triggered on the IsatPhone Pro
– Email address, if alert sent as an email
– Short predefined message from user

Once you have setup your IsatPhone Pro personal alert the quickest way to activate a personal alert is to press * and # simultaneously for at least 2 seconds from the main screen.  Your IsatPhone Pro antenna must be deployed and your phone be connected to the satellite to successfully send personal alert messages.

For more information on the IsatPhone Pro

If you have any questions regarding the IsatPhone Pro or this recent upgrade please leave them in the comments section and I will get back to you with an answer as soon as I can.

*Each message sent is charged separately.



Stephen Clough

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