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Get weather maps using your satellite phone when sailing

The Iridium 9555 is a great phone for use while sailing. It does have data capabilities, so you can use it as a modem with a laptop and get on the internet – but data speeds are verrrrrrryyyyyyy slow!

If you’re at sea, you’ll know how critical it is to have weather data. Luckily there is software available to allow you to get this info, even over low bandwidth internet connections like Iridum.

Basically, you need to use GRIB files to get the weather data. These files contain information which tells the map software where to put weather data on the map – rather than actually sending maps themselves (which would be large files). The files are really small (100KB ish), so are ideal for downloading via an Iridium satellite phone.

grib map

We have tested the software called Ugrib – which works really well for us. Why don’t you download it here and see how you get on? – you can test it over a normal internet connection before trying it our with your satellite phone.

Note: you need to register on the Ugrib site before you can download their software.
Ugrib isn’t our product, so we don’t provide technical support for it. You’ll need to contact if you need help.

One thought on "Get weather maps using your satellite phone when sailing"

  • Stig Arne Ørsnes says:

    Hey Stephen
    I have now ordered an Iridium 9575 Extreme and am wondering if I need any compression program to download UGrib files? I’ve never used a satellite phone before, and have very little knowledge about them. I’ve used UGrib a long time (when I had access to the we-fee on land), and are very satisfied with the program. I have ordered the phone mainly for downloading ugrib files, since I do not have ssb radio. Is it enough to install the program files that came with the phone (Iridium Direct Internet 3) or must I download other programs from the Internet to download ugribb files ‘. I find myself now in Punta Arenas (Chile), and here no one has knowledge of this.
    Sorry for bad English (Google translation :-))
    Stig A Ørsnes

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