How to set up voicemail on the IsatPhone Pro

We have received some feedback from our customers who have purchased IsatPhone Pro handsets that although their voicemail is already set up that, when the phone is off or is out of signal, people are not being diverted to the voicemail facility.

To ensure that your voicemail is correctly configured, you need to manually set up your diverts.

To set up your voicemail divert follow these easy steps.

How to set up voicemail on the IsatPhone Pro:


1. Go outside, switch your Isatphone Pro on, and wait until the phone has registered with the satellite.

2. Press Menu

3. Select Settings

4. Select Call Settings

5. Select Call Divert

6. Select If not available

7. Select Activate

8. Select Time out: Network default

9. Select To voice mailbox


Your voicemail should now be activated and diverting callers to the mailbox when the phone is turned off or out of signal.

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