What Is A Satellite Phone?

A Satellite Phone is a specialist type of cell phone that will work in places that regular cell phones won’t. Confusing? Yes, but let us explain. A regular cell phone will work almost everywhere that’s public. In your city, at your workplace, at home, or if you have an international cell phone, abroad. But a regular cell phone will not work in the remote places, where the usual coverage may be limited or non existent. Places such as out at sea, on a mountain, on deserts and other remote places. Satellite phones will work in these places. Learn about our satellite network of choice, Iridium.

A satellite phone uses… yes you guessed it, satellites to make and receive calls. So that leads us to a common question:

Why doesn’t everyone just use a Satellite Phone as their regular cell phone?

There are many good reasons for this. Let’s start from the top. Satellite phones have disadvantages. Firstly, with coverage. Satellite phones will not work indoors. They also have bad coverage anywhere with tall buildings, so there’s city shopping, work and home crossed off the list. Your regular cell phone will work in these places, that’s why satellite phones are only used for those travels to remote places.

There’s also the fact that Satellite phones are relatively larger. While the model that we have available on our service is smaller than most satellite phones on the market, you wouldn’t want to be carrying it around while shopping. No, our satellite phone, the Iridium, isn’t a briefcase job, like older, and alternative models. It’s an excellent size when you bear in mind it’s capabilities, and the fact you can stay in touch while at sea and on the desert.

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