Iridium Extreme Firmware Update: HL15002

The new Iridium Extreme Firmware update HL15002 is now available to download.

Iridium’s official statement is:

“The primary purpose of this release is to enable calling to the Australian emergency services number “000” when no SIM card is present in the handset.”

Installation Advice

The handset must be running firmware version HL11001 or later.

Please read the installation guides for the firmware which will be emailed to all our Iridium Extreme customers.

Firmware HL15002

This is a recommended update.

If you are a Mobal Iridium Extreme customer then the download for this update and instructions will be emailed to you.

Fixes and enhancements in this release

Important fixes and enhancements:

Calls to the emergency services number “000” are now are permitted when no SIM card is present in the handset.
The error that occurred when sending and receiving an SMS at the same time has been fixed.
The indication of units of distance (metre vs kilometre) in the Location Based Services reporting message has been corrected.
Access to the functionality of the AT commands CLIP and CLIR was added to the Intelligent Peripheral protocol.
The condition that prevented retrieval of the SIM ICCID using the Intelligent Peripheral protocol has been fixed.

If you have any further questions please leave them in the comments section and we will endeavour to get them answered for you.

Released on 06/26/2015

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