IsatPhone Pro Firmware Update 5.8.0

The new IsatPhone Pro firmware update 5.8.0 is now available to download.

Inmarsats’ official statement is:

“For users of 5.3.0 or higher this is a recommended upgrade, meaning that the features introduced by the firmware are important but not critical for the GSPS service, including the network and the IsatPhone Pro handset.

For users who have not yet upgraded to version 5.3.0 or higher, this upgrade to 5.8.0 is considered ‘mandatory’ to avoid the phone becoming non-operational.”

Installation Advice

The handset must be running firmware version 3.0.2 or above. You do not need to install all firmware versions between 3.0.2 and 5.0.0.

To check your phone’s firmware version, go to Menu > Settings > About > Firmware version.

In order to upgrade the handset’s firmware you must have a PC running Windows 7, Windows Vista or XP. For Windows 7 users, the latest version of USB drivers and IsatPhone Pro’s firmware upgrade tool must be installed. These can be found by visiting or you can download them directly from this blog post by clicking the links below.

Please read the installation guides for the firmware and USB drivers which are also downloadable from this blog post.

Firmware 5.8.0

Download the new IsatPhone Pro firmware update here:

Click here to download the IsatPhone Pro Firmware 5.8.0 Update.

Upgrading your firmware

To upgrade your IsatPhone Pro firmware you will first need to install the IsatPhone Pro USB Drivers.

IsatPhone Pro USB Drivers

How to install your IsatPhone Pro USB Drivers

You then need to download the IsatPhone Pro Firmware upgrade tool.

IsatPhone Pro Firmware Upgrade Tool

For instructions on how to upgrade your phone view the guide available below.

How to upgrade your IsatPhone Pro

Important Notice

Once the phone is upgraded to version 5.8.0 do not downgrade to a version prior to 3.0.5a. If this downgrade is performed:

Phone book contacts and messages will be erased.
Call logs (Dialled, Received, and Missed) will not be updated

The firmware upgrade will take approximately 15 minutes. After installation, you can check the firmware version by switching on the phone and selecting Menu > Settings > About > Firmware version.

Fixes and enhancements in this release

Important fixes and enhancements:

GPS baud rate reset function on start-up to resolve occasional problems caused by the GPS chipset not resetting properly either in an out of the box scenario or after a long power off period
Corrected GPS Red Icon behaviour
Battery drains when handset is being charged using the wall charger in very rare circumstances.
Occasional issues when receiving the Paging command
Core Module configuration – Problems during registration

If you have any further questions please leave them in the comments section and we will endeavour to get them answered for you.

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