Satellite Phone use during natural disaster

A Satellite Phone and A Natural Disaster

Satellite Phone use during natural disasterA Satellite Phone can be a lifesaver, especially during natural disasters.

So, you need to be prepared. Natural disasters can strike anywhere, at anytime, so having a Satellite Phone on the premises is essential as it would be your only means to communicate with others.

We’ve all become accustomed to our cell phones working nearly everywhere, but this is flawed, especially during a natural disaster. The simple reason being that a cell phone relies on an infrastructure, and this infrastructure can get damaged or destroyed during a natural disaster.

Floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and tornados have the potential to destroy. Roads, homes, businesses, power, telecommunications are all vulnerable, and at risk, from being damaged or completely destroyed. A Satellite Phone at hand gives you communications access to local services, rescue operations and family and friends.

All rescue services use Satellite Phones and satellite communications to stay in touch with other aspects of the rescue operations. This can be to stay in touch with base camps and local hospitals.

If you’re a business owner it’s essential that you own a Satellite Phone as part of your disaster preparedness procedure. This will help keep both your business and your employee’s safe should a natural disaster strike.

Satellite Phones still have a ‘high cost’ stigma attached to them. However, times have changed and it’s now more affordable to own one. The cost of the Satellite Phone, and the calls themselves, has been reduced. There are simply no excuses anymore.

As an individual you have a duty of care to yourself, and your loved ones. As a business owner you have a duty of care to your employee’s. So, make the smart choice and pick up a Satellite Phone from us.

Together, let’s stay safe.

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  1. Jasper Whiteside

    I thought that a satellite phone would be a good thing to have if I ever went adventuring somewhere I couldn’t get cell service. This article brings up such a good reason to have a satellite phone at a time that is far more crucial because it could potentially save my life. You bring up large natural disasters that have the capability to knock out communications. I’ve even seen snow or rain storms that take out power.

  2. Felix santos

    Just want to have infos about your satphone

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