Thuraya XT-Dual

Thuraya XT-Dual Review

Thuraya XT-DualThe Thuraya XT-Dual boasts ‘it makes the future looks so old’, but what are the real advantages to having a Satellite Phone with built in GSM?

Iridium tried this a while back, and it never really took off. Maybe because no-one wants to be carrying something the size of a Satellite Phone around Walmart when doing their grocery shopping. On the flipside, why have a GSM function while your in remote areas with no chance of any cell phone reception? If the Thuraya XT-Dual really makes the future look so old, then maybe we’ll all be carrying around some bigger phones with us in the future.

If you do use the Thuraya XT-Dual as a cell phone it is worth noting that its GSM primary frequency doesn’t tie up with the USA’s primary frequency of 850MHz, leaving call coverage lacking.

Let’s be honest, people have habits that are hard to break. I bet that you still take your cell phone with you even to remote areas, or at least while you’re traveling there – and for good reason. The Thuraya XT-Dual, tells us not to. It’s half Satellite Phone, half cell phone, so why take both? But why place all your eggs in one basket? Your cell phone is a bit like a comfort blanket, we all carry one with us wherever we go, regardless of whether there is going to be any sort of cell phone reception. If either one of your Satellite Phone or cell phone breaks, or the battery runs out, you have an alternative. This ‘back-up’ offers you at least some peace of mind, and some chance that your cell may work.

With all this said the Thuraya XT-Dual does have some additional functions and features, its built-in Stopwatch, MP3 player, Audio Center and Calendar leave the Iridium 9575 and the IsatPhone Pro trailing behind.

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3 thoughts on “Thuraya XT-Dual Review

  1. Gordon Lam

    I need thuraya dual xt pro cas

  2. satellite phone

    half satellite phone, half cellphone, that’s fully amazing with GSM!

  3. Faysal Meyer

    The GSM module is rather ment for indoor reception while in populated areas than as a replacement for the ordinary cell phone.

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