blu security issue

BLU Phones Security Concern


Recently it has come to our attention of a potential security issue that involves a limited number of handsets made by a phone manufacturer we use; BLU Products.

Some phones in their range have an app installed with a security flaw. This means that unauthorized personal data is collected in the form of text messages, call logs, and contacts. BLU have rectified this quickly with an update to the affected app.

At Mobal, we have reviewed our products and are pleased to assure our customers that we have never supplied a handset affected by this issue. One model we do sell – the BLU Advance 4.0 L2 is on BLU’s list of potentially affected models, however the version we supply does not contain the affected app.

BLU was founded in 2009, with headquarters in Miami, Florida, and is now one of the fastest growing cell phone manufacturers in the world. BLU has sold over 35 million mobile devices in over 40 countries. We are confident that BLU is thoroughly committed to customer security and that their wide range of affordable products remain a great match for our Mobal SIM cards!

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