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Tag: Satellite phone

Thuraya XT-Dual Review

Thuraya XT-Dual

The Thuraya XT-Dual boasts ‘it makes the future looks so old’, but what are the real advantages to having a Satellite Phone with built in GSM? Iridium tried this a while back, and it never really took off. Maybe because no-one wants to be carrying something the size of a Satellite Phone around Walmart when …

Satellite Phone Rescue – The Meagan McGrath Story

Satellite Phone

Rescue from the Crevasse – The Meagan McGrath Story “I can’t thank Iridium enough. You helped save my life. The battery of the Iridium phone hung in the whole time. It was my lifeline, truly. The rescue team was able to send me updates on their whereabouts, and eventually came to get me. I was …

The Australian Outback

Australia’s size gives it a wide variety of landscapes, with subtropical rain forests in the north-east, mountain ranges in the south-east, south-west and east areas, and a dry desert in its centre. It’s the flattest continent, with the oldest and least fertile soils, which is why much of Australia’s population is scattered along its coasts. …

Using Twitter on Your Satellite Phone


Iridium recently posted about two customers who made history using Iridium satellite phones with Twitter to update followers from some of the farthest corners of the Earth. Eric Larsen, the renowned arctic explorer, became the first person ever to tweet from the North Pole using an Iridium satellite phone in 2010. Felicity Ashton, the first …

Upgrade your IsatPhone Pro to the latest Software today

For our customers who have purchased an IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phone from Mobal, there has been an upgraded version of the phones firmware released. The new Firmware 5.0.0 is available from the Inmarsat’s IsatPhone Live  Version 5.0.0 offers a new personal alert feature to the handset, that is very similar to the new SOS feature …

Satellite Phone Feedback

If you’ve purchased or rented a Satellite Phone from us, we would love to hear from you. What did you enjoy about having a Satellite Phone? What disadvantages did you experience? All your Satellite Phone feedback is essential, no matter how big or small. Please leave your feedback in the comments box below.   We …

The Best Travel Gadgets 2012

Another year and another wave of gadgets. We’ve tried to mix in some essentials, with some more luxurious items, and it’s not just electronics but an array of different products that have been built to enhance your travel experience. So enjoy the best travel gadgets of 2012. To take a closer look at each of …

The Floor – Where and why do you use a Satellite Phone?

As you know, The Floor is a section dedicated to adventure. It’s your chance to share your experiences within the Mobal community. Today, I’d like to ask you: Where and why do you use a Satellite Phone? Lots of people use a Satellite Phone, but many for different reasons. Your input will help fellow travelers …

The Best Places to Hunt in the World

Get a Satellite Phone for your next hunt

The Best Places to Hunt in the World It’s you versus nature. Stepping out in to the wilderness and facing your quarry varies around the world – the prey and the natural environment make the hunts very different. Although hunting has been around since the Stone Age, it’s very different now. Primarily used to gather …

Adventure Destinations in North America

Use a Satellite Phone here

Adventure Destinations in North America If you like the outdoors, you’ll love this list. Been to any of them? Or is there some places missing? Please do leave your comments and suggestions in the box at the end of this article. In the meantime, enjoy the read.   Denali National Park, Alaska. With just one …

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