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Tag: Tour guide

5 Travel Books You Can Use As a Guide Book

Travel Books that make great Guide Books So where do you find inspiration if you want to get a more in depth and personal view of a place? The answer is by following in the footsteps of some more intrepid travelers whose job it is to seek out the unusual, the off beat, the heart …

The 8 most annoying things you can do as a tourist

It seems nothing can infuriate us more than dealing with our fellow countrymen overseas. Here are the most annoying things about tourists in all their clichéd glory… (And I hope you’re guilty of none of them!) 1. Think everything should work like it does back home Stephen Kosciesza says: Americans who think everyone should do …

Vacation Stories: Countries Where Tourists Get Hassled

Below are your fellow Mobal Members vacation stories that describe the countries where they have been hassled as a tourist (in alphabetical order). If you agree, disagree, or have your own tale to tell, leave it as a comment at the end… 1. BAHAMAS Paul B Says: “Freeport Bahamas…….locals driving you nuts with time share …

The Subway System: The Worlds Best Systems

The subway system is one of the most popular forms of public transportation in modern times. Common in major cities, subway systems serve large populations of commuters every day. The subway helps you get to where you want to go, very quickly, without the hassle of having to wait for taxis or buses. Subway systems …

Wonders of the World

If you’re planning to visit any of these Wonders of the World – take a Mobal World Phone with you. Take pictures and stay in touch with your friends and family whilst on vacation. Created thousands of years ago, the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World highlighted the most remarkable constructions around the world. As …

Foods Of The World: 35 Amazing Meals To Try

Not sure what to have for your dinner tonight? Take some inspiration from these foods of the world. Our Mobal World Phone users have shared some of their most memorable meals from their travels around the world. Not sure you’ll find some of the ingredients at your local grocery store though… 1. Sautéed bull testicles …

Best Places to Travel: Destinations That Live Up To The Hype

Ever wanted to know what the best places to travel to are? Well we can help with that. If you’re paying lots of your hard-earned money to go on the trip of life-time, then you want to be sure you won’t be disappointed. Here are 54 destinations Mobal World Phone users found lived up to …

The Best Places to Live in the World


The Best Places to Live in the World … Well for a year anyway… Here are the results from the best places to live in the world – as voted by our Mobal Members. They’d love to spend a year if they could just drop everything and live the dream in the perfect destinations. If …

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