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* Mobal guarantees that the majority of profits go to charity

Changing The World

Did you know that while you’re traveling the world with your Mobal products, you’re helping to make it a better place?

That’s because we guarantee that the majority of profits go to charity. Our growing network of charitable partners make a huge impact on the communities they support, and we couldn’t be prouder to give them a helping hand. They are:

Krizevac: Achieving lasting positive change for some of Africa’s most underdeveloped communities in enterprising ways, by creating opportunities for employment and education.

Seibo Japan: Working to make sure that every hungry child gets a meal at school.

Cycle of Good: Creating jobs in Malawi by making innovative recycled products.

Warm Hearts Coffee Club: Boosting local economies in Africa by fairly trading coffee.

Read on to keep up to date with all our charity partners!

Every Single Mobal Customer Helped To Change The World In 2019

When you use Mobal, you help to change the world for the better. We guarantee that the majority of our profits go to our network of charity partners, who are helping the people that need it most all over the world. Whether you’re a long-term user of our Japan Unlimited SIM, or a one-off purchaser …

A Thank You From Malawi

Mobal Charity Work In Malawi

In September, you helped 11 children in Malawi graduate from nursery. Surprised? Don’t be! As you may already know, Mobal donates the majority of our profits to charity. That means that, simply by using our services, you contribute to a global network of local charities that really do make a difference. One such partner is …

Volunteer Work in Japan

A Japanese Pastime Japan is portrayed as fast paced, always moving, with little time for anything apart from work. Children go to cram schools, businessmen work long hours, and housewives watch the children all day long. However, there is an almost secret subculture that is pervasive throughout Japan. The volunteer communities! I know what many …

An Appeal to the Mobal Family

With Mobal you don’t just travel the world, you make it a better place. At first this might sound like Marketing waffle. But drill down the Mobal site and it’s there in plain writing- Mobal donate the majority of their profits to charity. I’ve written about this before as it’s easy to pass that by …

School Meals in Malawi- and Japan!

Mobal commit to donating the majority of profits to charity. In Japan Mobal support the work of Seibo who in turn provide school meals to 14,000 children in Malawi, Africa. Malawi in 2018 ranks as the world’s 3rd poorest country (source: IMF). In comparison Japan is an economic powerhouse ranking as the world’s 3rd largest …

Mobal’s Charity Promise

charity sim mobal japan malawi

Having worked in Malawi, Africa as a volunteer over 6 years ago I was not only familiar with the Mobal name- I also knew of their charity promise. It somehow didn’t seem real. I was familiar with the 1% club of companies who gave to charity. In truth I even viewed those companies as generous. …

Cycle of Good: Helping the Poor Communities of Malawi

Cycle of Good is a charity project whose objective is to help the poor communities of Malawi. By creating various employment and enterprising opportunities, they are providing the locals several means to earn enough to support their families’ day-to-day needs, and not just rely on donations. History Of Cycle Of Good More than ten years …

Seibo: Aiming to Feed Hungry Children Around the World

Seibo is a non-profit organization that aims to feed hungry children around the world by providing hot meals at schools. They are one of the charities that Mobal supports to make the world a better place. With headquarters located in Japan, they coordinate with local communities in Malawi to promote not only health, nutrition, and …

Krizevac: The Charity That Aspires to Transform the Less Fortunate

Krizevac is a charity that aspires to transform the less fortunate communities of Africa through enterprising. By creating self-sustaining business ventures, they present many opportunities for the poor to generate livable and lasting income that affords them to put food on the table and provide for the needs of their families. History Of Krizevac Mobal …

My Week In Malawi

I’ve worked for Mobal for 18 years, but never had the chance to visit our charity in Blantyre, Malawi up until now. I’ve just been there for a week; it was pretty amazing! There’s a lot going on, but one of the biggest projects is the construction of a new building to expand the capabilities …


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