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The 5 Reasons Why Your Mobal Satellite Phone Should Be An Essential Part Of Your Disaster Supply Kit

Iridium Extreme Satellite Phone

Reason # 1 – You Get Instant Peace Of Mind Your Satellite Phone is designed to operate in emergency situations.  It will work even when the regular cellular networks are down.  In an emergency such as a hurricane, cell towers may be down and you won’t get signal with your regular cell phone.  In these …

How to set up voicemail on the IsatPhone Pro

We have received some feedback from our customers who have purchased IsatPhone Pro handsets that although their voicemail is already set up that, when the phone is off or is out of signal, people are not being diverted to the voicemail facility. To ensure that your voicemail is correctly configured, you need to manually set …

Get weather maps using your satellite phone when sailing

grib map

The Iridium 9555 is a great phone for use while sailing. It does have data capabilities, so you can use it as a modem with a laptop and get on the internet – but data speeds are verrrrrrryyyyyyy slow! If you’re at sea, you’ll know how critical it is to have weather data. Luckily there …

A Brief Introduction to Satellite Phone Networks

Over the last few years the use of satellite phones has been on the increase, they are now cheaper and more available than ever, however, this has not made it any easier for the consumer. With the choice of products on offer, how do you know which is the right one for you? Why satellite …

What Is A Satellite Phone?

A Satellite Phone is a specialist type of cell phone that will work in places that regular cell phones won’t. Confusing? Yes, but let us explain. A regular cell phone will work almost everywhere that’s public. In your city, at your workplace, at home, or if you have an international cell phone, abroad. But a …

Satellite Phone Coverage

There is excellent coverage on an Iridium satellite phone, where a regular cell phone wouldn’t normally have coverage. On the flip side, all satellite phones don’t work indoors, or in areas where there is tall buildings all trees. The general rule, is that if you can see a clear line of sky, your satellite phone …


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At Last! A Japan SIM Card that's Available to Everyone

The Japan Unlimited SIM is the only SIM of it's kind that's available to non-residents of Japan.

It comes with a Japanese phone number and unlimited data. Available as a monthly ongoing service or for short term use.

Japan Unlimited SIM Card

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Europe Plus SIM

Get fast, 4G data throughout Europe!

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Talk & Text SIM

The Mobal International SIM Card is convenient, reliable and offers great coverage in over 190 countries – all for just $15

International SIM Card

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