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Category: Travel Talk

The Best Destinations for 2017

2017 travel destinations

Everyone starts the new year with new resolutions. Many include losing weight, getting organized and eating better. Some even add travel to their list of to-do’s and I couldn’t agree more. Taking holiday to recharge is the best way to take time out for you so you’ll come back to work ready and refreshed. While …

Why You Need to Visit Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand

I remember flying to New Zealand on a one-way ticket in March of 2011, only weeks after the big earthquake. It devastated Christchurch, destroying a vast majority of the city centre and hundreds of homes. In the end, 185 people lost their lives while countless others lost family, jobs, and friends. This natural disaster deterred …

The Best Gift for the Traveler in Your Family

travel gift ideas

There’s always one person in the family that would rather be staring at a map than talk to the rest of the family during the holidays. Wanderlust is a real thing, and those who are diagnosed with this issue understand that nothing will cure their sense of adventure like a freshly-bought plane ticket. The good …

The Best Road Trips in Europe


Backpacking through Europe is the quintessential adventure every twenty-something should experience. Getting around has always been a part of the fun whether you’re running to catch a train, using local transport, hiking mountains, walking across countries, or any other way to see Europe. As much fun as it is to ride the rails and explore …

The Perfect Weekend Getaway: Prague

prague travel

Europe is spoiled when it comes to cheap flights, amazing food and cosmopolitan cities. With its close proximity to several countries, Europe has made it super easy to travel a short distance and be a whole world apart. While many have made Western Europe a popular weekend getaway, Eastern Europe is definitely giving it a …

WiFi passwords for Airports

It’s often not that easy to find an open WiFi hotspot in airports, so a clever guy called Anil Polat has created a really useful travel tool which tells you the WiFi passwords of many airports around the world. Find your airport on the map below, then click through to find details of the WiFi …

A Weekend in Copenhagen


There are several cities in Europe that have it all; culture, food, history, and community. Copenhagen is definitely one of those cities. With rich Danish culture & history, beautiful food, stunning architecture and its very own Freetown, Copenhagen has put itself at the top of premiere European destinations. Often missed in itineraries for Europe trips, …

European Destinations that are famous on Social Media

Eiffel Tower

Whoever said a picture is worth a thousand words was right on. These days, photos that capture a destination without a caption have become more than just a photo; they have become full-blown marketing campaigns. Social media influencers are paid a good price to photograph some of the most beautiful places in the world, helping …

Winter Getaways in Europe for Those Who Don’t Ski

winter travel

Before you know it, fall will be waving goodbye and winter will be pushing down the door to settle in for a few months. To some, winter is a sign from the Gods. Those people who love this season tend to be those who spend every waking moment on the mountains, shredding and skiing their …

Eight Reasons to Visit Munich

Munich Landscape

The friendly city of Munich welcomes millions of visitors every year with open arms. Whether it’s to celebrate the infamous Oktoberfest, sightsee, or enjoy the Bavarian gem, Munich is one of the most popular destinations on the planet. It has culture, history, food & wine, and events for every interest. If you’re looking to spend …


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