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Category: Vacation Stories

What Are You Thankful For?

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, we’d just like to know what you are thankful for.   What you are most thankful for this Thanksgiving?   Just leave a comment in the box below. Don’t forget, to click on the ‘on behalf’ button of any of the social networks you are part of, and share this post with …

Foods Of The World – What’s Your Choice?

Sample the foods of the world

Do you try the differing foods of the world when you go on vacation? When I go on vacation it’s important to me to immerse myself in the local culture, and this extends to sampling the local cuisine, as well as the locally produced drinks. I’ve tried some amazing local dishes, some of which I’d …

Why Celebrate Labor Day

Labor Day Celebrating the One World Trade Center

Labor Day, an America federal holiday observed on the first Monday is September, celebrates the American workforce and their achievements. Who first proposed Labor Day is up for debate, whilst some say it was Matthew Maguire, others argue that it was Peter J. McGuire. One thing is for sure, that is was Oregon who first …

International Cell Phone Rental – Why Rent?

World Phone

International cell phone rental has been the ‘norm’ for a while, but changes are afoot. You may think that renting an international cell phone is still the best way to go, especially if you’re only going to be using it for a few weeks each year. However, it can be a complicated process.   Every …

Travel Compatible Horoscopes

Compatible Horoscopes - Travel for Aries

Yes, we’ve found travel compatible horoscopes. So, if you like to read your daily horoscope check out your travel compatible vacation, all based around your zodiac sign.   Aries Being the first of the zodiac signs, Aries are leaders. You lead the line in all that you do, and that can be reflected in getting …

Amateur Traveler Interview

Chris Christensen of Amateur Traveler

Hello, and good day to you. I’m very pleased to welcome Chris Christensen, from the Amateur Traveler website, who has very nicely agreed to give us an interview. Enjoy.   ST: You’ve had a very distinguished career, working with some of the worlds biggest brands. What was your inspiration to start the Amateur Traveler? CC: …

Travel Adventures With Jake Iannarino

Jake and his Travel Adventures at Improv

Today, we’ve got a very special Guest Post from Jake Iannarino, Comedian, Actor and avid Traveler. Here he talks candidly about a trip to Asia… First stop Bangkok. Please note that these travel adventures have been told by Jake, from his own personal experiences. This story does contain language, which some of you may find …

Will the Verizon iPhone 5 be a True World Phone?

The Verizon iPhone 5 World Phone?

With the Verizon iPhone 5 due for release on later this year, for many, one question on their minds will be; “Is this a phone I can use all over the world”? First of all, we need to look in to the technology of the network, rather than the actual iPhone. Phone carries use two …

Travel in Style with an Android World Phone

Travel in Style with an Android World Phone

It’s important to travel in style, yet you must be more culturally sensitive to local fashion differences in the country you are traveling too. One item that won’t bother the local population is having a state of the art Android World Phone in your pocket or handbag. The trick is for you to ‘stand out’ …

Travel Tips – What Are Your Packing Tips

Whether you’re heading on a vacation, or a business trip, packing can be a real pain. Are you taking too much? Is the luggage to heavy? Have I got everything I need? Where did I put my passport? And that’s all before you’ve even left the house! I’m sure we’ve all got stories to tell …


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