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4 Destinations You Must Visit in 2018

Another year, another over-flowing bucket list ‘amma right? With so many countries and so little time it’s difficult to decide which one (or five) to visit this year. If, like me you’ve already strapped a January break under your (money) belt you’ll be craving your next holiday hit so here’s the breakdown on where’s hot, and where’s hotter in 2018…

South Korea

If the Winter Olympics haven’t whet your appetite for a little Far Eastern fling then nothing will. However, there’s much more to Japan’s lesser known neighbour than just snowboards and Skeleton racing; city chic or rural romance, South Korea’s got you covered. For the full experience start off at the hub of modernity that is Seoul where you can go big, or go home at one of the K-Pop filled night clubs or grab some ear plugs and hit a karaoke bar.

For the more traditional traveller (although why not be both?) escape the city and immerse yourself in ancient relics, delicious sizzling Korean BBQ and breath-taking palaces that make Joseph’s technicolour raincoat look practically beige.

Diverse landscapes, hospitable locals and the perfect example of a country embracing its future without forgetting its past South Korea sets to reach soaring new Tourism heights.

Oh and they boast some of the cleanest toilets in the world, which is always a plus!


Bridging the divide between the North and South, Central America is getting some serious holiday hype and Nicaragua is there for the discovering. This is where the old yellow school buses go to party, with the retired vehicles of your childhood painted in glorious patterns and adjourned with infamous logos you can see the country in style.

This is a destination for the adventure seekers. Whether it’s catching a break in “dude” central, San Juan Del Sur, chasing around the island of Ometepe on a mope head or surfing down a volcano one thing you won’t be is bored.

Prefer to spend your holiday doing something a bit more relaxing? Then look no further than the Corn Islands. With transparent waters and silky white sand the Islands are paradise, epitomised and dreamily peaceful compared to other Caribbean Islands.

Rum, world class coffee, cigars, and more flora and fauna than you could shake a hiking stick at this Latin American gem is one to watch.


Croatia was the new Italy, then Montenegro was considered the new Croatia and so the Adriatic coastal torch has now been passed to Albania.

A mere 75 minute ferry ride from beach fun favourite Corfu, it appears Albania has finally started to shake off its communist past and people are seeing the country in a clearer light. The word is out; Albania is awesome.

Possessing a coastline able to challenge anything the Mediterranean can throw at you yet void of the crowds, Albania is bang on for those who want the sun, sea and scenery with just a touch of cultural chaos.

Spend some time in the pastel hued capital, Tirana and experience first-hand the up and coming café culture; the locals are warm and welcoming towards tourists and all too eager offer out a plum brandy or coffee.

Push any preconceptions about this nation aside and throw yourself into the buzzing city culture, sunbath on the exquisite Riviera and enjoy the smugness that comes with experiencing a destination “before it was cool”.

The Gambia

A small piece of the enchanting puzzle that is Africa, The Gambia still packs a big holiday punch. Known as “The Smiling Coast” it probably goes without saying that you’ll be welcomed enthusiastically and with unwavering warmth.

Soak up the sun on some of the Atlantics most unspoilt beaches, load up on crafts in the Capital, Banjul (and then pay for excess luggage on the flight home) and catch one of the many Gambian wrestling festivals.

If wildlife is what you’re after the country boasts over 500 types of birds and numerous national parks be sure to pack your binoculars and free up plenty of memory for your camera to ensure some Instagram-worthy shots to share with your followers.

With pleasant temperatures year round, chimpanzee sanctuaries, crocodile pools and manatees are only the tip of this biodiverse iceberg. All this and more is at your fingertips (although maybe keep the finger tips away from the aforementioned crocodile pool) so get that eco lodge booked!

Author: Emma

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