5 Places You Should Take a Holiday this Summer

The summer season is almost upon us and that means sun, sand, and smiles. Summer is a great time to take time off work and enjoy the great weather. It’s also a great time to travel somewhere new. Even with it being tourist season, there are plenty of places around the world to visit, especially in Europe, that are not on the regular tourist loop. You just need to know where to look. Check out these places as your next holiday destination.

Malmo, Sweden

Funny enough, Malmo is only a mere 30 minute train ride from Copenhagen, Denmark. With its close proximity to the uber cool Danish capital, Malmo has upped its game in the recent years. With its cosmopolitan feel, fantastic food scene, and beautiful architecture, Malmo has everything you need to have a fantastic summer holiday. Even if you do spend more time in Copenhagen, Malmo is great starting point. There’s a lovely sandy beach only two kilometres from the city centre that has natural salt pools to relax in, as well as a great cafe.

But one of the biggest draws to Malmo is their parks. During summer concerts and outdoor movies are held in the parks, as well as amusement parks, organic cafes, and a children’s zoo. There’s so much on offer in the third-largest city in Sweden, it’s a surprise that it’s not on top of everyone’s list.

Iceland. All of it.

Iceland may see a big increase in tourism over the summer seasons, but if you’re from any populated area in the UK, it won’t be that much different than any other day for you. Iceland is small, but packs so much fun and adventure into one little island. The best way to experience Iceland is by road trip. Full of jaw-dropping scenery, glaciers, and wild horses, Iceland has been giving just about anyone a reason to come visit. During summer, you can expect extra people on the road, but there’s still plenty of room to roam. Hiking, camping, and glacier tours will be in full effect. Don’t forget about the daylight. It’s around almost 24 hours each day. With all-day light, incredibly scenery and unforgettable experiences, Iceland really knows how to welcome visitors.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the most underrated countries in Europe. Lake Bled is quaint, beautiful region in Slovenia and is featured in many photographer’s photo albums due to its natural beauty.   Rich with history, Lake Bled and the town of Bled is home to a plethora of activities and historical buildings like the Bled Castle dating back to as early as 1011. Fish, gold, or even go horse-back riding here and enjoy the incredible scenery. This place is naturally romantic, given the backdrop and quaintness of the village of Bled, but don’t let this fool you. Mid-summer brings people in droves to this resort town and prices like to take a hike too. But the best part about this place is that you won’t care. The reason why it’s busy is because it’s undeniably perfect. Go at the beginning or end of summer if you want to miss the crowds but still enjoy all the amenities available for you.

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Rugged, green, and heaven-like are just a few words to describe the Isle of Skye. This destination is for the outdoor-loving, whisky-drinking nomad. The isle provides some of the best natural landscape in the world. I’m pretty sure the colour green was invented after someone visited this place. The vibrant colours are in full force at the Old Man of Storr hike; an incredible trek up and an even better view at the top. Fresh fish and chips, 100 year-old whisky, warm fires (even in summer if it rains), and local’s stories that will keep you entertained for hours, are just a few things that will keep you there much longer after you intended to leave.

Budapest, Hungary

Tourism is picking up in Budapest, but it’s still one of the most underrated European cities. Budapest has so much to offer for every type of visitor, it’s a surprise that it’s not swarming with tourists all year-round. With the most insanely ornate architecture, old ruin thermal pools, a castle worth wanting, and a buzzing nightlife, this city has our stamp of approval. One of the best advantages is that it’s still relatively cheap compared to it’s neighbours like Austria and Croatia. The museums, the history, the incredible wine, food, and people are just a few reasons why Budapest is becoming everyone’s new favourite. Trust us when we say, Budapest is a must.

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