Activate Your Japan Unlimited SIM Online!

A  simple SIM for Japan:

*video explanation available below for those hard of reading! 😉

Keep It Simple…

Getting a SIM Card for Japan. Is it easy to do? Nobody said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it. Wise words but totally incorrect when it comes to the Japan Unlimited SIM. With no contract, no termination fee and an online account Mobal makes it really easy.

Order your Mobal SIM online now with Free Delivery Worldwide. Once your SIM arrives you simply go online & choose your plan & your start date. Now that really is easy!

Look Into My Eyes!

So let’s look into your future? I can see you on an island where people are polite, punctual and love paperwork. Oh, that has to be Japan 😉

I can see you don’t yet have a Japanese bank account or residency card and want to use your phone when you touch down in Tokyo. Oh- you’ve already purchased the Mobal Japan Unlimited SIM? Excellent.

Now let me show you how the SIM Activation process works.

SIM Pack -Delivered to your Door

The inside user guide has a page that looks like this below- the only difference being that yours is real 😉

Your SIM Pack (yours will have your own Japanese phone number written clearly! )

Now that you have availed of the free worldwide delivery option and are sitting at home in your condo in Nepal (it is the future, remember) take the SIM Pack in hand and open the browser at:

Once more, for dramatic effect, I repeat!

To activate Go To :

Step 1. Enter SIM Serial Number

Step 1: Type in your SIM Serial Number

Seriously, that wasn’t hard. Type, type, type. Press Submit. Next Step.

Step 2. Enter Your New Phone Number

Step 3. Yes or No?

I hate insurance. But I lose things. For 900 yen for one year from time of SIM purchase I can have cover for theft and airtime usage, etc.

For me it boils down to one thing- a replacement SIM if you lose yours. That’s me am afraid. Yes please!

Yes Please or No Thanks

Step 4. Select Your Plan

Time to get serious. Do you want a SIM with Data, Voice & SMS or merely access to a Japanese phone number (but still keeping your options open on data). Are you a student or an English teacher in Japan and how long are you staying in Japan for? Simply follow the steps and pick from the menu!

Voice, Text & Unlimited Data

15 Days:  4,000 Yen/ 30 Days: 6,000 Yen/ 60/90 Days: 6,000 Yen/Month

Staying Longer? Choose the Ongoing Plan: 6,000 Yen/Month

Student/Teacher Plan

Available to students with valid Japanese student ID and English Language Teachers (on provision of name of school) and participants of JET Programme, etc.

Ongoing Plan: 4,500 Yen/Month

Voice & Text Only

For users who wish to save money by using a Japanese phone but not using data. Data is available for use and is charged on a calendar month if used at an additional 6,000 yen

Ongoing Plan: 1,000 Yen/Month

*Prices valid at time of writing blog post- August 2017

Step 5: Select Duration & Start Date

Only you know how long you will be in Japan for. Remember there is no contract so choose what suits best. SIM Activations are processed within 24 hours (as of Aug 2017) but you can pre-book your activation by simply choosing a future date!

Step 6: Fill in Billing Details

Pretty easy to follow. Remember to leave an alternative phone number where you can be reached or receive messages from!

Fill in and click submit and welcome to Mobal!

I tried (not so hard as you can see!) to put this in a fast, punchy video. Thing is I used trial recording software and it clipped me mid-flow. Still am sure you’ll get the hang of it on your own.

Bon Voyage!

Editor’s Note: Information in the above blog post correct until end of 2017. Please check more recent blog posts on the same topic for any updates. Thanks for your support!

9 thoughts on “Activate Your Japan Unlimited SIM Online!

  1. Azasia

    Good day

    I’d like to find out if the offer for the JET applicants is over. I was late to see the notification and wondered if I could still sign up for one of the plans.

    Thank you.


    1. Declan Somers

      It’s not over. E-mail if you need to reserve a sim!
      Regards- Declan

  2. Jonathan Seckler

    hey – i dont know when you wrote this but we have a Mobal SIM – it’s active per email notification but we cant place calls/use data.. we are in the US -(traveling to japan later) -does the SIM have to be in Japan on a Japanese network to work?

    1. Declan Somers

      Hi Jonathan,
      The Japan SIM only works on Japanese networks. However in some cases Sims do have roaming functions and can indeed work if activated on another country’s network. Luckily you won’t be charged as your SIM won’t work in the US but glad you brought it up as you might help someone else in the same predicament. Enjoy Japan!

  3. Dhananjay kumar

    Is mobal sim launched 2018 in India?

    1. Declan Somers

      Hi Dhananjay- We offer a Free Worldwide delivery service or Free Collection at Narita (Tokyo) Airport with further collection points being added in April. Hope you come to Japan and use our SIM!

  4. Harry Iyo

    How do I activate my Japan SIM card. You give instructions, but no place to give info required.

    1. Declan Somers

      Hi Harry- while the blog post assumes you have the Mobal Japan SIM pack in your hand you make a good point that might not always be the case. The website for activating a SIM is
      It is mentioned in the sentence just above Step 1 but on your urging we will put that text into bold characters. Hope you got your SIM going prior to my reply!

  5. Harry Iyo

    How do activate my Japan SIM card? You list instructions, but no place to provide the info. needed!

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