Solo Traveler

Beginner’s Guide to the Solo Travel World

Solo Traveler

Whether you’re dreaming of buying a one-way ticket to Europe, going on a road trip, or visiting a new state, traveling to a new destination is always a great idea. But often more times than not, we hold ourselves back from these thoughts of wanderlust because we have no one to go with. This is where solo travel comes in. It’s not only a confidence builder, it’s a life-changing experience. Through the art of traveling solo, you gain a new perspective on your own life, and really makes you question the importance of the things you possess in your life. The more you travel solo, the more you realize how incredible the world and its people are. You allow yourself to become a citizen of the world, rather than just a dreamer. That all sounds fine and dandy, but it does take a little ounce of courage and motivation to get there. Check out the beginner’s guide to the solo travel world below:

Start really small

Are you worried about crossing over to international waters? Start off your solo travel chapter by taking short trips closer to your home then gradually make your way up to larger trips. Then after you feel comfortable being on the road by yourself for a lengthy amount of time, jump overseas! Culture, beauty, architecture, and FOOD awaits! But just remember; you do not have to travel half-way around the world to be a solo traveler. You can do that anywhere!

Plan. And then plan some more

This is where a wonderful trip can go frantically wrong. Plan your solo trips. If you’re starting out in the solo travel world, plan the hell out of your trips. Plan your every move if it helps. The last thing you want is to arrive at a new destination and have no idea where to go and what to do. As romantic as that sounds, all it amounts to is anxiety driven decisions. Plan your accommodation, transport and activities for the first few days as you adjust to being on your own. Then if you feel comfortable, start picking your own adventure. Either way, it’s completely exciting to be on your own!

Start easy

When you sit down and start to brainstorm about your perfect solo getaway, start easy. Don’t jump into a solo trip to Antarctica, rather pick a location that is a bit easier to digest. Choose an option that has easy access to a city or your destination from the airport. Choose a destination that speaks your language and like I mentioned above, easy to get to. The last thing you want to do is freak yourself out over seven flights, four layovers, and an airport change. This definitely limits the pressure of having to learn a new language, get different visas, or even new shots. Slow and steady wins!

Ask for some advice

The internet is a wonderful resource for everything travel. Instagram is a great platform for travel inspiration, as well as connecting with others around the world. But if the ‘gram isn’t your thing, check out solo travel forums on Facebook, Reddit, or Google solo travel blogs. They are filled with important and detailed information on how to go solo. If you’re looking to get more personal advice, ask friends, family and co-workers. Ask for tips, tricks, recommended destinations, etc. Ask and you shall receive!

Just buy the ticket

We spend so much time thinking and wishing and not doing. The easiest and most effective way to get into solo travel is to just buy the damn ticket. There is a valid reason why people say to ‘just buy the ticket.’ Well in doing so, it puts you in complete control of your soon-to-be-fabulous trip rather than fear. You’re in the driver’s seat! You get to decide where you’re staying, what you’re doing and most importantly, where you’re eating! Take control, push the purchase button, and get on to planning the most rewarding trip of your life.

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