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Mobal Members: The Worlds Cheapest Countries to Visit

The Cheapest Countries to Visit

Here are Mobal World Phone customers’ suggestions of the 15 cheapest countries to visit…

1. Argentina
“Argentina. Good restaurants and cheap prices!

Have fun”


2. Cambodia
“My sisters and I just returned from Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Food, lodging, transportation, and wonderful Cambodian-made products were all inexpensive. The Cambodians use the U.S. dollar, so there’s the added benefit of not having to mentally convert to and from a foreign currency.”


3. China
“We just got back from China and found things really cheap there. Examples:

– An hour ride to the airport – $21
– A three-star hotel room with two bedrooms and a kitchenette – <$100
– Dinner for four at a good restaurant, including beer – $25-30
– A van, a driver and a private tour guide for all day for four of us – $140 in Beijing; $100 in other cities.

Also the bargaining on the streets for all sorts of items makes them really cheap. But you have to learn how. The exchange rate is really in the US favor right now. And there’s no tipping.

How nice”

“No question about it, CHINA.

Last November I visited Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou and all were really inexpensive. In addition to being a cheap place to travel you virtually do all your business with a credit card or American dollars.

No need to exchange for Chinese Yuan.”

4. Czech Republic
“On a trip to the Czech Republic we were pleased to see the “old Europe” prices still exist there.

Reasonable hotels (nice), cheap food (good), and public transportation.


Bruce Baker

5. Egypt
“Egypt – friendly, fascinating and cheap.”

6. France
“We were in Paris last November and even though the exchange rate was 1:1.5 we were able to do it inexpensively by staying in a small boutique hotel and eating in local eateries especially on the left bank.”

7. Latin America
“Stick to the “unpopular” South and Central American Countries.

They always have a good exchange rate. You have to go native to get the real deals. The plane ticket to Turkey would be expensive from the U S. Spirit airlines has cheap flights to South, Central and Islands of the Caribbean.

You could backpack anywhere in the world and travel on a budget.”

8. Mexico
“So far Mexico seem to be the cheapest countries to travel to.”

9. Montenegro
“In Europe, Montenegro is VERY inexpensive. One example: my husband had a double espresso and I had a cappuccino (with the best foam I had during our three week trip, most of which was in Italy).

The drinks came with little individually wrapped biscuits and several kinds of sugar and sweeteners. It cost 1,80 euros. Amazing!”

Michelle Giger

10. Poland
“Hi—as of last Sept, Poland was the cheapest.

Such a relief to come from Spain (euro equals well over a dollar) to a place where the zloty was 3 to the dollar. A $48 zloty dinner in fact cost about $14.

A wonderful city to visit—Kracow.”

Virginia Kamke

“My husband and I spent a few very enjoyable days in Krakow, Poland during our two weeks in eastern Europe in October 2006.

We ate one lunch at a government subsidized “milk bar” -we each had a plate of pierogies, kielbasa soup and a coke “light” and it all came to about $6 US.

We also took a mini-bus out to the Auschwitz museum (about 1&1/2 hrs from Krakow) and it cost the equivalent of $7 US dollars each.”

11. Portugal
“Both the cheapest and friendliest = Portugal.

Most expensive = Paris, France, where the metro was twice the cost of that in Lisbon and Barcelona last month!!”

Jean Martinelli

“Just returned from Portugal. Although they use the Euro, prices for hotel and meals are very reasonable, and I will return to this country before the rush of American tourists.”

12. Slovenia
“We haven’t been out of the country since fall 06, and of course things have skyrocketed.

However, as I’ve been looking for possible places to go this fall, it comes back to my favorite, Slovenia. Hotels in Lju still very high, but lots of other reasonable alternatives, from apartments to B&Bs. Also, it’s easy to find reasonably priced food if you stick with the locals.

And you can drive from the beach (Piran) to the Mountains (Julian Alps) on a tank of gas! The friendliest, kindest, most down-to-earth folks, too. ”


13. South East Asia
“Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand remain reasonable travel bargains.

However, travel expenses are up about 20% over last year. Good hotel rooms are still affordable, and the net work of discount airlines, mainly AirAsia, are still a bargain.

Great food is still very inexpensive. Its my favorite place to travel anyway.”

Jerry Boughton, Louisiana

14. Turkey
“The Turkish Lira is the weakest in the world. A clean room for about $2.00. Buffet lunch about the same. But not in Istanbul. Try Ismir or Pammukele.”

15. USA
“Riding my 21 speed on all the great biking trails of the US. Wonderful.”

Johanna Hocker

The worlds cheapest countries to visit are what our Mobal members suggest. We also have another article that may interest you.

The Worlds Cheapest Countries

Do you have a suggestion of a cheap country to travel in? Leave a comment below…

Author: Emma

Emma is a Online Marketing Specialist at Mobal. She is responsible for our outbound marketing efforts including planning and executing email campaigns, social media and blog posts. She also works with the Web Designers at Mobal to update the website and to help to create a better experience for the user.

16 thoughts on "Mobal Members: The Worlds Cheapest Countries to Visit"

  • Victoria Philpott says:

    I went to Slovenia in January, it was so cheap compared to England I loved it! A litre of Jagermeister was only £10 and we had huge dinners every night for just a few pounds – can’t wait to go back!

  • Richard O. says:

    Don’t be so quick to spurn western Europe such as France and Germany due to high costs. Those costs can be largely overcome. For one thing, car rentals in Germany are among the cheapest in Europe!

    Learn to eat at the ubiquitous Turkish doner (kabob) stands. They are everywhere and offer a delicious, cheap, and filling meal and they also serve very fast!

    A wonderful doner meal (which I dearly miss here in the states) usually runs about $4.00 per person with soft drinks.

    No one believes me but I recently fed a family of four at sidewalk doner restaurant in Paris for $16.00 and we left very full!!

  • pamipoo says:

    just booked a trip to egypt….glad to see it made # 5 on the list!……one reason i booked it, great price on what appears will be an amazing tour at

  • Allen says:

    General Comment: While it’s always great to get travel tips on “cheap vs. expensive” it’s also important to remember that it’s “how” one travels, not “where”, that really results ultimately in “economy” and “value”….

  • David Resch says:

    I have been traveling for a website, for the past year(no money, just free travel). Everybody talks about the cheapest places to stay. What about airfare? That has to be an included expenditure. I live in Fl, USA. I have been able to fly to Central/South America and the Caribbean for $70 – under$300. I fish the websites for deals and buy the ticket. No plans, no reservations, no contacts, don’t speak the language. I generally stay less than a week. I’m not sure how little you could spend. Really depends on what kind of person you are(think you are). Most people here sound(not that I heard you speak) touristy. I’m 80/20; traveler to tourist ratio. I just bought a ticket to Cartagena, Colombia. Leaving next Fri. $137, you catch my drift?

  • Erik says:

    andy of

    Mexico it’s pretty cheap if you know the right places to go. But if you stay where the most touristic activity is of course it’s going to be expensive, like if you stay in a hotel half a mile or more from the beach, you will notice that prices will be even 60 or more percent less than what you would pay in hotel with ocean view etc. oh and food it’s outrageously expensive the closest you are to the ocean (unless you dine in the local eateries instead of those fancy restaurants) how do I know? I lived over 10 years in Mexico

  • Brian says:

    France is by no means affordable. Paris is a great place to make international connections, but if you are money concious you should not stay in France.

  • Bob Mordhorst says:

    We have just returned from 10 days in Southern Italy, that is, the area south and east of Naples. Our travels took us through the hill country of Pulia and along the Adriatic coast as far north as the Gargano Peninsula. Accommodations and meals were reasonable, but the exchange rate for the euro hurt some.

  • Andy of says:

    India, where is India, I really like thes Mobal newsletters, however this page is seriusly flawed.

    I am working now on 11 Years of Travel, and this list has to be silly? France is the most expensive country on the planet.

    Argentina?, this is too nuts, Mexico is outrageously expensive and I just was there…

    Off my top of my head…

    Cheapest is India by a long shot.

    1. India
    2. Laos
    3. Nepal
    4. Honduras
    5. Paraguay
    6-7 Cambodia and Thailand tie, more or less the best value for your money on the planet with the least amount of cultural problems is Thailand.
    8. Colombia
    9. Guatemala
    10. Tibet
    11. Ecuador
    12. Peru
    13. Bolivia
    14. Nicaragua
    15. Mongolia

    Africa is about double of any of these, unless you can stay in a boom boom hotel.

    Europe is nuts expensive, the Baltic States can be cheap if you stay out of the big cities and out of the Hostels.

    Middle East has point, Morocco is not so bad, but Frenchy expensive. Israel is cheap, easy, Jordan is ok.

    Mexico, typical American style idea, Mexico is outrageously expensive now.

    I hear good new about Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia and think possible however nestled in a lot of over priced countries like Turkey, Greece, Austria etc.

    Andy in Bangkok, Thailand on the way to Philippine then to Ethiopia.

  • Gene Polhemus says:

    No way is France one of the cheapest countries to travel in!! I have been there many times and it shouldn’t even be near this list.

    How about a cup of coffee and a croissant for #38.00 US.

    The recommender’s must have stayed in a farmers outhouse.

  • Nancy Slicner says:

    Montenegro & Croatia for great people, value and scenery!

  • Joe Favaro says:

    I agree with the choice of Montenegro. The country is beautiful as well as inexpensive. Lunch for 2 including a couple of local beers came to less than $15.00 US.

  • Francis Porrello says:

    Whoever listed the USA as one of the cheapest countries to visit must be smoking something really strong. What a joke!

  • Howard Penn says:

    We spent seventee days with Overseas Adventure Tours in Viet Nam last November and the prices were incredibily cheap! Although we did not have many meals on our own, one particular meal in Hoi An was memorable–a pizza, salad, two wines and two beers + tip–$13.00! Just like Mexico in the ’60s and ’70s and they love the dollar as well, only giving change in their currency, the dong. Super trip from Hanoi to Halong Bay to Hue’, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Dalat and Saigon! Can’t wait to return. Also had our Mobal phone with us!

  • Art.Dellow says:

    I disagree with the statment about China. I visit the cities of Nanning and Shanghai often, here things are cheap but you must pay for things with the Chinese yuan, they do not except anything else. The best exchange is the Bank of China, do not exchange money on the street corner with money exchangers.

    A. Dellow

  • Valerie Cegelka says:

    Just wanted you to add my name to my direct comments already published regarding Poland, if possible. My comment starts “My husband and I spent a few very enjoyable days in Krakow…”

    Valerie Cegelka

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