Study Abroad in the Best Cities

Study Abroad: The Best Cities for Students

If you choose to study abroad, then you may want to consider one of these cities. The kind folk at have compiled a list of the best student cities in the world. Here are the top 5.


Study Abroad in the Best CitiesParis

Although the city doesn’t currently have a university in the top 30 of the world, Paris is still a wonderful choice if you decide to study abroad.

If you go on cost alone, it’s still a fraction of what you’d expect to pay in the UK, or Australia, even North America. Parisian students are often targeted by an array of employers, the fact is that Paris has 16 individual institutions in the QS World University Ranking.

If you decide to study abroad, and make Paris your home, you have a wealth of museums, galleries and architectural delights to wonder. The standard of living in Paris is very high, with the only negative being the cost of socializing on the Parisian streets.



Some say you get what you pay for. In London this is exactly the case.

Imperial, UCE are both ranked among the worlds top ten universities, and both have some amazing access to the likes of the British Library. You can’t argue with London’s credentials. London is also one of the world’s biggest financial capitals. Graduates seeking a more corporate career are very much sought after.

London is also renowned for its media and arts, with access to plenty of museums and galleries for free. So, if you decide to study abroad you may want to give London some of your attention.



Study abroad? In Boston? Sometimes you don’t have to go too far to get the best of educations.

Here you have two heavyweights, Harvard and MIT – two of the best universities in the world. A historic city by nature, it combines the love or arts and politics in a major metropolis.

If you want to study in Boston, it could set you back a massive US$50,000 per year. However, you should take in to consideration the financial aid and other packages that are available to you. This would mean paying significantly less than this.



Australia’s student city could be perfect for you if you decide to study abroad. The city has a high proportion of students compared to the local population.

It has excellent employment potential, with a high quality of life. Melbourne is also much quieter than Sydney, and not as big, but this hasn’t stopped Melbourne being ranked number one city for international students.

However, with all this comes a price. It’s expensive. The strength of the Australian dollar means you could be paying a high price for this quality education.



Deciding where to study abroad is a difficult decision, but did you consider Vienna?

It may not be the first, you may have not even given Vienna a thought, but lots of international students have praised this student city and what it offers.

Vienna is one of Europe’s most historic capitals, full of theatres and concert halls that held some of the most famous composers in the world. Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, to name just a few, whilst the many galleries are full of classic art by world-renowned artists.


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