Great Driving Roads of the World (Part 1)

Great Driving Roads (Part 1)

1. Big Sur (Highway 1)
This scenic road follows the central Californian coastline from San Simeon to Carmel overlooking steep cliffs and crashing waves. However, due to it’s beauty and popularity it can get clogged with tourists in their rental cars and motor homes, so pick your moment wisely.

2. Tail of the Dragon (Deals Gap Route 129)
This forest-lined road got its name due to the fact that it has 318 turns in the space of just 11 miles. Combined with this is has no interruptions or junctions to spoil your pleasure. However, be warned, as this road attracts so less than careful drivers. Testament to this is the Tree of Shame, which is studded with various motorcycle parts from previous speed freaks.

3. Nurburgring (Germany)
Is it a race track or is it simply a toll road for the public. Well, it’s kinda both. If you have 24 euros then you’re able to lap the race track that Jackie Stewart named ‘The Green Hell’. You could even try and get airborne at the Flugplatz (the airport), and rise so called because it’s been known to launch cars from the tarmac.

4. White Rim Trail (Utah)
If you’ve got a car with high ground clearance (it is rated by the National Park Services as ‘moderately difficult’) then you could try driving the White Rim Trail and see some classic Utah desert scenery. Just make sure you take supplies as signs of life are few and far between.

5. Ruta 40 (Argentina)
If you want to experience a real road trip then you should try Ruta 40 in Argentina. This great road travels 3000 miles taking in 20 national parks. It is one of the longest highways in the world. While the easier southern stretch can get busy, the northern section, rising to over 16,000 feet above sea level can be a heart-stopping challenge.

6. San Juan Skyway (Colorado, USA)
This road from Durango to Ridgway winds through the mountains with many hairpin bends and drops with no guardrails. Along the way you’ll see some grizzled old mining towns to remind you of the history of the west.

7. Conor Pass (Ireland)
Picture the cliche vision of the Irish countryside and it would probably be wild, rugged and green. Well, if this is what you see then the Conor Pass will not disappoint you. It’s a ribbon of tarmac which snakes through green-clad mountains and crystal clear lakes below.

8. Great Ocean Road (Australia)
The Australians may not always be the most inventive when naming things, but the name is certainly descriptive. The Great Ocean Road is like a gentler version of Big Sur. It winds its way for 151 miles taking in many unusual rock formations.

9. Touge Roads of Mount Fuji (Japan)
To the untrained eye this peaceful road, snaking its way up to Mount Fuji may look very serene, however don’t be fooled. It was on this very road that the Japanese youth took their heavily modified cars and invented drifting; the art of going around corners with your car sideways for as long as possible.

10. Karakoram Highway (China to Pakistan)
This 800 mile stretch of road is one of the world’s highest. Known as The Friendship Highway it traces the old romantic route of the Silk Road. But be warned, it is a very unforgiving road in a very unforgiving place. It even passes Abbottabad where Osama bin Laden finally was caught.

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