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The Best Places to Live in the World

The Best Places to Live in the World

… Well for a year anyway…

Here are the results from the best places to live in the world – as voted by our Mobal Members. They’d love to spend a year if they could just drop everything and live the dream in the perfect destinations.

If you agree or disagree, leave a comment at the bottom!

1. Canada
best places to live in the world

2. Australia

3. Ireland

4. Italy

5. New Zealand

6. Great Britain

7. Greece

8. Sweden

9. Spain

10. Brazil
best places to live in the world

11. Norway

12. Denmark
best places to live in the world

13. Fiji
best places to live in the world

14. Turkey

15. Japan

16. Argentina

17. Tahiti

18. Germany

19. Switzerland

20. Austria

21. Iceland

22. Netherlands

23. Ukraine

24. Bahamas

25. France
best places to live in the world

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If you agree or disagree with our Mobal Members, leave a comment below!

Author: Emma

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46 thoughts on "The Best Places to Live in the World"

  • Ramnath Gupta says:

    Over my life I’ve visited over 50 countries & I spent a year in canada,

  • Nick says:

    Australia is ranked as number two, which is fine if you come and visit for a short while. The beaches are the best in the world, many places have spectacular weather year round, and we don’t really care where you are from we are friendly to everyone.
    But if you wanted to spend a year here you should be warned that it is one of the most expensive places on earth. Especially Perth and Sydney. Every time I go overseas I am gobsmacked by how much cheaper EVERY country is. I am forced to buy everything except food online in order to avoid paying double what something is worth.

  • Traveljunkie says:

    I understand Canada being number one but The USA is missing and that’s where I want to spend a year due to the diversity. Also I do understand France being so low. I live in the uk and find it a rude place to travel to and I did spend a year there!

  • Tren says:

    These places have been picked by our Mobal customers. I think some clarity or justification would be good. With this in mind, I’ll ask this question again…

  • Living in DC says:

    I see an article with only pictures. However, you haven’t justified or explain why these are the best places to live in the world ???? Also who in their right mind would want to live in Canada????

  • heba says:

    for sure France (25)

  • Zoë Dawes says:

    It would have to Italy. I’ve only ever visited twice, love everything Italian and have a Venetian Great x 5 Grandmother so I could find out more about my ancestors as well as absorb all that lovely history, scenery and Chianti!

  • Dave says:

    Why Mexico is not in that list?
    anyway you should go there such a nice country!

  • Jack Bandalore says:

    I spent a year in Viet Nam. People kept trying to kill me.

  • tay says:

    switzerland is the best

  • Charlene H. says:

    I would love to be in several of these countries, but I am wondering how one gets around the current EU policies of limiting one (in most cases) to only 90 days without a
    special permit. Italy, for one, is 30,000 people behind in granting these permits and dates for hearing are three
    years out. Solutions, anyone?

  • George Ianculescu says:

    France is the LAST on the list, very misleading!
    I hope the list is not given in any specific order

  • J McDonald says:

    I see that 5 of the top 6 are English-speaking. For me messing around with the language is part of the fun. Don’t let that hold you back if you are at all inclined that way. I just got back from Italy for a week and we are thinking about a whole year now! And France surely deserves better than 25th. Very strange.


    I have been in 170 places in the world. The most nice people after Turkey are the japanese people. They made feel you great.Also I travelled in 2008 two times to France.Jobie Marshall if you want the french people be nice with you try learning their language.I did it and they are very nice.Not so nice when I spoke with them in English.After staid In Japan I returned to my country through USA.I said “good morning “to one woman and other
    man at breakfast. They didnt return my greet only because I spoke with an employee in spanish in the Hotel and they heared me. Those bad manners only you see it in USA.Thats why are not well received in other places of the world.GOOD LUCK

  • Richard Gro says:

    I am glad you put Canada at the top of your list. It should be #1. Visiting Prince Edward Island is like a trip to Ireland, including it’s friendly people. If I had to pick a city to live in, Halifax, NS, a lively seaport city, would be my choice. Newfoundland is the Alaska of the East, with it’s unspoiled natural beauty. And behold the splendor of the Canadian Rockies and the lovely west coast. Having traveled all over the world, I consider Canada one of the best kept secrets for wonderful adventures in travel.

  • Flora Breidenbach says:

    I would add Malta! It’s a tiny country but it’s filled with all sorts of interesting things to see. The food is great and the people are wonderfully hospitable. For those who’ve not heard of Malta, it is an island about 60 miles south of Sicily. It was once part of the British Commonwealth, so there are two official languages, Maltese and English. Malta became a member of the European Union in 2004 and among many other things,it is home to the oldest free-standing structures in the world, yes, older than Stonehenge!

  • Jobie Marshall says:

    I’m not sure I want France to be higher they aren’t very nice if they know that your an American. The list is lacking other places like Vietnam and China.
    I could live in Fiji for a year. Just spent a month this past February the people are very friendly and helpful. I agree with Jan Zimmerman, Beth needs to start packing.


  • John says:

    I agree with Jan. If this country goes socialist, Switzerland is going to look awfully good.

  • Jerry says:

    Like others, I cannot fathom France coming in at No. 25!! We have traveled to France five times and spent one month in Normandy several years ago. We are ready to go back anytime the dollar/Euro rate gets to about 110 to 1.

  • sandra says:

    France, I would put that at #1 and Italy #2. I would give my eye teeth to spend a year in France or Italy. Any ideas how a poor old woman could manage that?

  • Jan Zimmerman says:

    Canada surprised me as #1. It must be because of its proximity. I agree France should be much higher. Where is Croatia and Poland? I would love to see Beth above start packing immediately no matter who wins. I may spend the next two to four years in Italia if Obama and the Democratic Socialist Party wins.

    Ciao, Jan

    p.s. Beth ha fatto un stupido.

  • Daniel McKinnon says:

    I agree with David Morell about Thailand. I am in my fourth month here and life is great and the people are friendly. I was stationed in Iceland for almost 4 years and loved it and it’s beauty, but the winters are harsh. Greece is awesome especially if you love historical ruins and the food is very good. I have only been to 22 countries over the years and France rates low in my book due to their attitudes towards Americans, but they do have some wonderful places to visit. People make the difference.

  • Judy Guffey says:

    Vietnam is not on this list? Great place to visit!

  • Joan Stone says:

    I’m very surprised that Mexico was not included in the list. The value of the dollar makes the country very affordable and there are lots of fascinating places to visit.

    I could easily spend a year traveling around Greece. LOVE that country!

  • Marlene says:

    First choice France, close behind is Italy with Austria and Switzerland next in line. Have spent a month or more in each and had wonderful experiences.

  • Marlene says:

    I agree with Judith Brooks, why was France last? France would be my first choice with Italy a close second and Austria and Switzerland next in line. We have sent at least a month in each and had wonderful experiences.

  • Mary Anne Felker says:

    The most beautiful country I have ever visited is Norway. The fjords are spectacular. The working boat trip up the west coast from Bergen to Kirkeness is exciting. Seeing the “Midnight Sun” a once in a lifetime experience.

  • Jane says:

    Some interesting places here. I’d go to Ireland first, then probably France and Italy, UK if the prices came down and the buck went up.

  • Gila says:

    Fiji, Tahiti, Iceland? For a whole year?! I think that would be difficult. Even islanders like to visit the mainland once in a year.

  • David says:

    That’s all well and good, but what’s the least expensive of your list to live in?

  • Anita Bohn says:


  • Frank White says:

    Having recently spent nearly two years in Oaxaca, Mexico, I can heartily recommend the city as a quiet, enchanting place to live…with marvelous people and fantastic food. Wish I were still there.

  • Bruce says:

    Having spent a good deal of time in the Caribbean and Fiji these places would not be on my list of places to spend an entire year. Italy and France have enough variety and a relatively benign climate to make a year of exploration fun. I would add either Argentina or Chile as places to spend a year and go native. The dollar will go a lot further in these countries though traveling in Latin America I would definitely let people think I was Canadian and not from the USA.

  • Deb says:

    Ironically we are doing just that – living a year abroad (US citizens) and we’ve split the year between two of those above: France and Switzerland. We started in France in the lovely Dordogne region – lovely countryside, easy access to the west coast, amazing food markets. Now in Switz. we find spectacular views (Geneva area), improbably good public transportation, and a very high cost of living (esp. food.)

  • John Morris says:

    Obviously those who chose the 25 countries have not been to Chile or Peru. Both are wonderful and very hospitable.

  • Norm says:

    HMMMMMM! Loved Thailand, France, UK, Europe; but, the Number 1 place to spend a year traveling is the good ole U S of A. Beth – pack your bags.

  • Betty says:

    I’ll make a point of visiting the countries I haven’t been to yet. (By the way, I did not appreciate seeing the gratuitous and unnecessarily negative political comment by Beth in an otherwise totally apolitical story. I hope Beth has the opportunity to leave this country–and soon.)

  • Margie Gillette says:

    Check your geography! Tahiti is NOT a country but a territory of the Republic of France. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful place to visit.

  • Bill says:

    Are we assuming we are all living in the USA? I cannot believe that the States would not be on the list otherwise, given all the diversity it has to offer.

  • Brent Weigner says:

    Tahiti is not an independent country. It is a French possession. Perhaps the title should read “The 25 Most Popular Places To Spend A Year In.”

  • Beth says:

    When can I start packing? If McCain/Palin win, perhaps tomorrow! So happy to see some of my favorites so high on the list, especially Ireland. It may not be the most glamorous country, but its people and its countryside (the golf isn’t too shabby either) make it magical.

  • Carlos Meza says:

    I would add (1)Chile and (2)The Turks And Caicos Islands. Need to add some more caribbean islands on the list!

  • Bryan Bergsteinsson says:

    Probably the biggest surprise on the list is Iceland. I’ve traveled there because it’s my heritage. Over my life I’ve visited over 50 countries, including every country on the top 25 list with the exception of Fiji and Brazil, and I whole heartedly agree with the choice of Iceland. It is an absolutely charming and enchanting place with a somewhat stark beauty I have experienced nowhere else in the world.

  • Zee Hamm says:

    I know I would rather spend a year in Portugal than at least 6 of the countries listed here. The people are warm and friendly, the food is wonderful and the prices are lower than in most of the EU.

  • Judith Brooks says:

    I am very surprised that France came in last. That would be my second choice, after Italy.

  • David Morell says:

    What happened to Thailand? It is a great place in which to spend a year, especially if you live outside of Bangkok (in Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai, for example). In general, your 25 countries include too many that are just too cold for too many months of the year…

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