Today’s Best Travel Gadgets

In no particular order, here’s what you never leave the country without. Some are hightech, others very simple, but they all help your travels run more smoothly…


Micro fibre underwear – Tom Hansen


I have found that a magnetic compass is essential. Especially in old
towns where on a cloudy day your sense of direction can be fooled.
If it was not for my compass, I could still be roaming around
Padua.It looking for the train station. Beware of maps that do not
have North at the top. Look for the “Compass Rose”.

James Ford

Cell Phone Charger

Battery-operated cell phone charger, don’t have to worry about finding an outlet

Gretchen Edgren

Digital Camera

There are a number of gadgets I travel with but the most important, for me, is my digital camera. In Switzerland, this last June, I got a beautiful, late afternoon, picture of the Matterhorn while in Zermatt. I never leave home without the camera.

Parker L. Phillips

Safety Pins And Nail Clippers

1) safety pins
2) nail clippers

In that order.

Linda Johnson


In no order


Bill M

Cell phone

Norman Cleary

Digital SLR Camera And Travel Scrabble

Going to Southeast Asia….I MUST have my digital slr.

Other parts of the world….travel Scrabble.

Judy Guffey

Wind Up Alarm Clock And Penlight

There are two items I always carry on my trips. One is a wind-up alarm clock so that I don’t worry if the battery powered clock should die in the middle of the night and cause me to miss a flight.

The second is a penlight so I can see when I getup at night to use the restroom. Also it’s good to have if the hotel’s power goes out during the night.

No name given

Portable GPS System

I rent a lot of cars, so I take my portable GPS with me whenever I travel. The GPS enables me to drive stress free especially to and from the airport and my accomodations while at a location I’m not familiar with or haven’t visited in a long time.




Bill Zolbert

Leatherman pocket tool. It helps keep everything else operational!

David A. Lieberman
Senior Vice President for Business & Finance Emeritus
University of Miami

XM sat radio

XM sat radio

AL B. Moore

Alarm Clock And Flash Light

Michael: I never travel without a small alarm clock with a face that lights
up (with fresh batteries) because sometimes the “wake up” call does not

Also, I always have a small flashlight (with spare batteries) both
for getting up at night to find the bathroom and in case of power outages.

Bob Christofk


My travel gadget of choice is the humble clothespin!

When the hotel’s curtains don’t close tightly, and they let in too much light, a simple clothespin won’t hurt the fabric and does the trick.

I clothespin my just washed clothing to the curtains ~ as high as I can and they are dry by morning ~ usually the air conditioner or heater is just below the curtains as well, so your clothes get blown dry ~ and even jeans will dry overnight.


Alarm Clock And Heating Pad

It is my combo alarm clock/sound machine.

Next is my small electric heating pad with a long extension cord

Dona J. Jones

Noise-Reducing Headphones

Noise-reducing headphones!

Pat Burns

Swiss Army Knife

I never, ever, ever travel without my little Victorinox Swiss Army knife. Never. This isn’t a big, cumbersome model with nuclear-tipped cruise missles and a hacksaw, but the climber’s model (I think). It has the large and small blades, plus and minus screwdrivers, can and bottle openers, cork screw (all important for France and Italy), leather punch, and scissors. It’s the size of a normal pocket knife, and carries well. Of course, I have to pack it in checked luggage for a flight, but it never leaves my pocket otherwise. I’ve had this one since 1995 and it has a lot more miles on it than my car, and has served me well all over the world.

Michael P. Martin
Attorney and Counselor at Law


The world is still a simple place. A toothbrush works for me. I can live without my Blackberry for a bit.
Jan D’Angelo
Senior VP, International Sales
Adam Aircraft

Watchband Compass

In all my years of traveling, the one item I never go without is actually pretty low tech. It’s a very small compass that attaches to my watchband. With that, and a good map, I can find my way around in most any city.


Pizza Cutter And Hand Sanitizer

When I go to Italy, my pizza cutter !! When I go anywhere else, hand sanitizer, small, cone-shaped tooth brushes and, of course, my Mobal phone !!!!!

Ray Schwartz
Memphis, TN.


I never travel anywhere without an small lightweight umbrella about 14″x2″x3/4″. Has come in handy a number of times.

Leigh Lingard

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