7 Spooky Abandoned Cities Around the World

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There seems to be something inherently spooky about an abandoned city. What happened? Why did all the people leave? Where did they go? And most spooky of all, is someone still there?

Well, if you want to channel your inner Scooby Doo, and go exploring around a spooky old abandoned city, here’s 7 you can choose from. Just don’t forget to take your international cell phones to call if you get into trouble…

1. Kayaköy, Muğla, Turkey

This city has been formally abandoned since 1923, since the Greco-Turkish war. Before that it had been populated for by thousands of Greek Christians for hundreds of years, leaving over 500 buildings including several churches. However, life is slowly beginning to creep back into this city as craftsmen and local food producers have started to set up shop again.

2. Bodie, California, United States

Abandoned since 1942, this city had been on decline for a long time before that, with it’s local paper running it’s last issue back in 1912. This place is a classic gold rush town, 8000 feet up in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Around its peek in 1880’s this could claim to be one of the largest settlements in California with over 65 saloons. Today you are still allowed to wander around its deserted streets.

3. Humberstone, Northern Atacama desert, Chile

Although abandoned in 1960, this saltpeter refinery was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 2005. It was the nitrates that were extracted here that helped transform farming in the US and Europe. However, it was a hard life for the residents in the barren Mars-like landscape.

4. Centralia, Pennsylvania, United States

Not official abandoned thanks to a few hardy stragglers, this is a town that has literally been on fire since 1962. A fire broke out in the local cemetery and spread to the coal mining network beneath the city and has burned ever since. Smoke billows up through cracks in the road and random holes emitting great heat and vapors can randomly appear. Most of the residents have been evacuated, its road has been blocked and its zip code revoked, but it still remains.

5. Oradour-sur-Glane, Limousin, France

A French town abandoned in 1944. It doesn’t take a genius to guess a possible reason behind this. This place it a true reminder of the horror of war as the Nazi killed all 642 residents leaving their buildings, cars and possessions where they lay. If visiting this place you are asked to remain silent throughout as a sign of respect.

6. Hashima Island, Nagasaki, Japan

Also known as Ghost Island, this place was abandoned in 1974. It was created by the Mitsubishi corporation near to coal mining operations and housed over 5000 residents. In 2009 it was opened to visitors, so now you can wander around its post-apocalyptic streets, taking in its apartments, shops and even movie theaters.

7. Sanzhi, Sanzhi district, New Taipei, Taiwan

This final location, abandoned in 1980 is something straight out of a Scooby Doo mystery. It was originally built as a holiday resort for US servicemen, but it seemed doomed from the start. With over 20 deaths of construction workers before the place even started it got a reputation for supernatural goings on. The source of the supernatural power is disputed though, between a dragon statue that was destroyed during construction or that fact it was built on an supposed Dutch burial ground.

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