8 Ways to Survive Long Haul Flights

Survive long haul flights when you next travel

Traveling half way across the world can be incredibly exciting, but you’re going to need to learn to survive long haul flights if you’re really going to enjoy your vacation.

But the problem with a going half way across the world is the very act of going half way across the world. Instead of landing full of energy and enthusiasm to experience new things and making that first phone call using your Mobal International Cell Phone, most of us just want to curl up into a ball and sleep.

So, is there anyway you can survive your long haul flight more bearable? Here are 8 tips:

1. Try to change seats

Just because you’ve sat in one seat for take off, it doesn’t mean that you are confined to that seat for the entire journey. As long as you’re obviously not stealing someone else’s seat then any other empty seats are yours for the taking. You may find one with better legroom. or next to a window so you can rest your head against it, or the grand prize of a whole row where you can stretch out flat to sleep.

2. Melatonin helps sleep

For as little as $5 for 100 pills you can buy Melatonin over the counter. Melatonin helps to reset your body’s internal clock, and this helps promote natural sleep.

3. Use a relief band

These are little plastic bands that go around your wrist. Their original purpose is to help stop motion sickness, which is not usually an issue in itself of planes, but they can give you an overall calming influence to help you relax and perhaps sleep.

4. Keep hydrated

When most people complain about feeling jet lagged what they are in fact experiencing is dehydration due to the fact that they’ve not been drinking enough water and breathing dry recycled air for hours on end. The simple way to combat this is to simply drink more water and avoid drinks like alcohol which increase dehydration in the long run.

5. Don’t eat heavy foods

One of the problems on long flights is if your immune system is low, then you’re going to get worse affected. Studies have shown that fatty foods can lower your immune system in minutes, even if you are healthy at the time, and can lead to you getting cramps and contracting any germs.

6. Stretch regularly

Sitting in cramped seat is very bad for your circulation and comfort. To avoid this try to stretch yourself frequently, take walks if possible, or even find some free floor space to do some full stretching. You may look a bit funny doing it, but you’ll look a damn sight better than everyone else when you finally reach your destination.

7. Dress for comfort not style

It may not seem very chic, but if you feel comfortable and unrestricted in your clothes you’re going to have a much better flight. Plus, it’s best to remove your shoes when seated too, as they can swell up if not.

8. Block out noise

Whether you decide to go for expensive noise canceling headsets or cheap ear plugs, being able to reduce the noise in the cabin is essential if you want to get some sleep or to just relax a little better (if you’ve ever sat near young children you will know this all too well).


If you’re traveling long-haul then there is no guarantee or miracle cure for avoiding feeling run down when you finally arrive at your destination, but by following a few simple guidelines like the ones above, you will help yourself feel a whole lot better than you would have done ignoring them.

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  1. Ad-lib Traveller

    Great tips, with an upcoming group trip to Thailand I will be sure to share this with my friends as this is their fist long-haul – thanks.

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