Beautiful Destinations on a Budget

One of the biggest myths out there is that travel is too expensive. While I understand that many believe that, it’s rarely the case. Not everyone stays at the Four Seasons every night! There are several places and ways to travel on a budget around the world. Many destinations with the perfect white sand beach and palm trees are pretty affordable. You can even find several cosmopolitan cities within your budget. Flights can also be fairly cheap if you look at the right time of year and leave during the week, rather than a weekend. It’s a matter of being flexible! If you’re looking to get away but don’t want to break the bank, check out my recommendations below:


Thailand is a paradise, and everyone knows it. Thailand is a very touristy spot, but you can’t blame anyone. It’s food, culture, parties, and beaches are all some of the biggest attractions to the country. It’s also very cheap. You can eat a meal for less than $5. And that includes a beer! What makes Thailand so popular year in and year out is that it continues to stay cheap. Yes, prices do rise as they do everywhere, but it’s still dirt cheap to travel the country.


The lesser known Central American countries like Nicaragua are beautiful, tropical and very budget-friendly. Even a house on the beach will be a fraction of the price you would pay for in Brazil or the Bahamas. You can spend your time hiking in the rainforest, eating beautiful food and enjoying the country without thinking about your bank balance. It’s a win-win.


Croatia is still cheaper than the majority of Western European countries, and one of the most stunning. With Plitvice Lakes National Park, hundreds of kilometres of coastline and thousands of islands, Croatia is a traveler’s dream. Dubrovnik houses one of the oldest and last remaining walled cities in the world and if you catch it before or after the summer season, you’re in for a real treat. Popular destinations like Hvar and Split make this country a must-see.


If you want culture shock and an insanely cheap holiday, India is your girl. With incredible beaches in places like Goa, one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal and beautiful countryside to see, India is a country that surprises everyone who visits. With regular holidays and celebrations, this vibrant destination is full of excitement and culture around every corner.


I can’t get enough of this place. Although it’s not cheap by local standards, Budapest has shot to the top of leading European destinations to visit. It’s insane architecture, beautiful location and thrilling nightlife, Budapest has become the place to holiday. You can still get all the glitz and glamour like London or Paris, but your price tag for a meal won’t be in the triple digits. There’s plenty to do including taking a soak in one of their many thermal baths.

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