Best Train Rides in Europe

The European rail system is incredible.  It’s vast routing in all directions makes for perfect transportation between each country. The best train ride is up for debate, depending on your cup of tea.  But the one common denominator with all of these incredible train routes is the views.  Because Europe has such an extensive rail system, you get spoilt for choice with destinations.  From never-ending coastlines, to ‘don’t look down’ high-flying rails, Europe has you covered.  Europe is blessed with such a diverse geography only kilometres away from each other, it’s easy to be on the coast of the Mediterranean one minute and high in the mountains the next.  But I guess that’s why trains are so popular in Europe-there’s nothing better than reliable transportation with an unforgettable view.

Anywhere in Switzerland

I’m not joking with this one.  Switzerland is filled with jaw-dropping landscapes, including the ever-present Swiss Alps.  From the beauty of Montreal and Lausanne in the southwest corner, to the bottom of the country visiting the Matterhorn, there is a view for everyone.  Lakes, rivers, mountains, steep mountainsides around every bend give Switzerland a backdrop you only see in paintings.  The best part about the country is its size.  You can get from one side to the next in hours not days by train!

Barcelona to Monaco

Are you ready to be mesmerised by the sea? The train from Barcelona to Monaco stops many times, but in places like Nice, and Marseilles, you will be thanking the gods that it does.  With some of the most picturesque villages, seasides, and landscapes, you will be wishing the train rides lasts for eternity. It doesn’t hurt that the route is mainly along the Mediterranean Sea, either.


One of the most beautiful countries in the world, Scotland’s train system puts that assumption to the test.  And of course the country brings its best will rolling hills, misty lands, and a colour of green that looks like made up, it’s no wonder people board these trains around the country for the view alone.  Some of the best routes pass by Ben Nevis, and the Highlands, where you’ll feel like you’re in the presence of a movie being made.  Well, you’re not far off. You may notice the trains look familiar on certain routes. The trains in Scotland were used in the Harry Potter movie series.


Oh Italy you beauty.  From the ragged cliffside villages of Cirque Terre to the vast field of sunflowers in Tuscany to the cosmopolitan city of Milano to the ancient lands of Rome, Italy’s train rides are almost too good to be true.  The good thing about Italy is that it’s popular so trains to every part of the country run daily.  The bad news is that the word is out and everyone has flocked to Italy to see just how beautiful it really is.  Go in between tourist season to see this beautiful country in all its glory when it has time to breathe.

Innsbruck, to Zurich, Switzerland via Lichtenstein

This train hits three countries in one trip.  From Innsbruck you travel through Lichtenstein on to Switzerland, but don’t worry it’s not a long trip. Lichtenstein is only 25 kilometres long, making for a seemingly short transit from Austria to Switzerland, but it does pack a big punch in the view category.  The route nestles itself in between mountains, over roaring rivers, and beautiful valleys around every turn.  It’s magical, stunning and worth every penny.  If you’re arriving to Zurich you pass from the north, alongside the lake for a fantastic view of the city.

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