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Do you pay attention to government travel warnings?

Do warnings – such as the recent terrorist threat to Paris – influence your decision to travel?

Or do you just see it as governments being over-cautious, and continue with your plans whatever?

Leave your point-of-view as a comment below…

6 thoughts on "Do you pay attention to government travel warnings?"

  • Dave says:

    Dina you’re right on the money.

  • Dave says:

    For “normal” travel, like the recent European warning “No” but when I do start thinking to odder places (like a trip to Mali), I’ll check with the British Foreign Office. I think the US’s is way too politically motivated.

  • Gary says:

    It doesn’t take a brain surgery to know how to travel wisely, to have the information is useful and helpful.
    It only take a little common sense to be a knownledgable traveler. I wouldn’t take every bite of information to the extreme, just be aware of your surroundings, and where you travel.

  • Dina says:

    I cannot or will not pay attention to any travel warnings from a country that supports the ridiculous and invasive screenings of the TSA. The USA is totally clueless as to how prevent or control terrorism, and tends to only spread irrational fear amongst its citizens.

  • Jeremy Powers says:

    Depending on the warning, I actually LIKE the warnings. Years ago, I remember when a bomb went off in Piccadilly Circus, we went to London and it was wonderful because all of the other tourists stayed away. I figure that foreign countries are safer than the average American city.

  • Maureen Rea says:

    I usually check the government travel warnings so that I am aware. It doesn’t put me off travelling though.

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