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Places to Visit in Costa Rica on Vacation

Places to Visit in Costa Rica on Vacation

Capital: San José

Official Languages: Spanish

Recognised Regional Languages: Mekatelyu, Bribri

Currency: Costa Rican colón (CRC)

Population (approx.): 4,301,712

Calling Code: +506

Did you know: Coffee was first planted in Costa Rica in the early 19th century, and was first shipped to Europe in 1843.


Places to visit in Costa Rica


Places to visit while on vacation in Costa RicaMonteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Established in 1972, this forest in the clouds is perfect for hikers, or those travelers who want to experience an abundance of plant species and animals. The Cloud Forest ecosystem is finally balanced, yet it still offers a huge amount of biodiversity. Held within the reserve are over 100 species of mammals, as well as 400 species of birds and over a 1,000 species of amphibians and reptiles.


Places to visit while on vacation in Costa RicaArenal Hot Springs

Around the Arenal Volcano and National Park you can find a selection of hot springs. There are a number of places that offer these hot spring facilities, and each place is very unique. While some have both hot and cold pools, other places may contain waterslides and bars. However, they all share one thing in common. Wherever you decide to go, they’ll be relaxing and leave you rejuvenated.


Places to visit while on vacation in Costa RicaNosara Beaches

This unspoilt part of the coast is renowned for its surfing and yoga. The beach makes a thin golden line between the lush forest and the blue ocean, where monkeys and turtles meet. Nosara Beach has been well preserved by local people, as well as the national park system. The area is protected, hence why there is only some small scale development.


Places to visit while on vacation in Costa RicaSan José

Costa Rica’s capital is a great central point to start your exploration of the country’s amazing rainforests and beaches. The capital is made up of a number of different districts, consider heading down town for a more cultured experience or try heading West to Escazú, where you’ll be greeted with trendy shops, nightclubs and restaurants. With its vibrant streets, museums and galleries it ensures San José is alone worth a day of your time.


Caño Scuba Diving

The island of Caño is located on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, and is probably the best place to go scuba diving. Protected by the Government, the island is a biological reserve and is teeming with life. Sharks, rays, turtles and many different schools of fish can be observed in these waters. If you’re very lucky you can also spot the elusive Whale Shark and Bull Shark.


Places to visit while on vacation in Costa RicaTortuguero National Park

The Land of Turtles, is how Tortuguero can be translated, can be found on the Northern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Separated from the mainland by the Tortuguero River, the village is located on a thin piece of land that points out to the Caribbean Sea. There are a number of navigable canals where you can explore the surrounding rainforest, which is home to a number of different species of mammals, birds and insects. The beaches are key nesting areas for four species of sea turtle.

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