The 5 Best Wine Regions of Australia

Australia’s wine industry just keeps getting better and better. Many of the regions were founded in the late 1800’s and have blossomed beautifully ever since. With world-class wine paired with world-class cuisine, you have yourself a match made in culinary heaven. Add on pristine beaches, lush vineyards and landscapes and you just might never leave. This is what Australia’s wine regions offer-the best of the very best.

Hunter Valley

The closest wine region to Sydney, Hunter Valley is the country’s oldest wine region. The area is known for their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines as well as their local oils and sensational food scene. It’s a popular weekend getaway for the city dwellers, and provides a stellar backdrop for a mini-holiday. Many wineries offer tours, tastings, and world-class restaurants. Hunter Valley is definitely the place to go to wine and dine with the wealthy.

Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley is located outside of Melbourne in a valley known for it’s fantastic sparkling wine and pinot. Here you will be able to taste wines from small, family-run wineries and large-producing wineries. It’s a great mix of the two. The Yarra is also a great place to experience the finer things in life and the region is a popular spot for organic foods and practices. The area holds several events and festivals throughout the year, celebrating the best of the Yarra Valley.

Barossa Valley

Considered the ‘Napa Valley of Australia,’ the Barossa Valley is the country’s largest wine region. With being one of the oldest wine producing regions comes wisdom and old vines. This valley produces the best Shiraz in the world and is available at any of the 150 wineries. Wine tours rule the land here, but they come in a variety of options. You can take a bus, a scooter, a push bike or drive yourself. Pack a picnic and lay out at one of the winery’s gardens in the sun and you have yourself the best weekend.

McLaren Vale

Neighbours to the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale is the smaller sister region that is filled with boutique wineries and endless beauty. Their specialty is Shiraz and hospitality. Rent a bike or take a horse ride through the vineyards for the ultimate winery experience. With close proximity to Barossa, many take advantage and make it a full day of wine tasting in two regions!

Margaret River

One of the newer wine regions, Margaret River is Australia’s best kept secret. With over 130 wineries to choose from, you’re absolutely spoilt for choice. Not to mention, the ocean is mere kilometres away, making ‘Margs’ a premier destination for those who enjoy a bit of sand and surf with their wine. The area is also home to world-class chefs, boutique breweries and chocolate makers. It’s a true culinary dream.

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