Travel Advice for US Citizens

Sometimes we get so carried away with our vacation we forget about preparing ourselves properly, taking in the proper travel advice to help keep us safe.

With this in mind, we’ve created this useful list of travel advice for US citizens traveling abroad. The travel advice is here to help you prepare before you go, but also while you are on vacation.


Travel Advice – Before You Depart


  • – Sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).
  • – Ensure your Passport, and Visa (if required), is fully signed and completed.
  • – Leave copies of your Passport, and Visa (if required), with family and/or friends.
  • – Check your medical insurance policy is valid overseas.
  • – If you have a pre-existing medical condition, get something in writing from your physician detailing your condition and any medication/prescription that you require.
  • – Seek advice on vaccinations, and other local infectious diseases, from your physician and other useful resources.
  • – Leave items of value, both monetary and emotional, at home.
  • – Make a note of, or add to your international cell phone, important contact numbers.
  • – Research your destination, and check local conditions and laws.
  • – Familiarize yourself with the relevant US Embassy and U.S. consular officers and their contact details.
  • – Know what you can bring in to your vacation destination, and bring back to the US. Check the relevant Customs and Import Restrictions.


Travel Advice – On Vacation


  • – Be aware when purchasing certain items, such as products made from endangered wildlife, as these are prohibited either by US or foreign law.
  • – Know where your nearest hospital is located, as well as other important amenities such as the police.
  • – Do not wear conspicuous clothing and carry excessive amounts on money.
  • – Do not leave your luggage unattended, especially in public areas.
  • – Do not accept packages from strangers.
  • – Abide with local laws and respect local customs and traditions.


This travel advice isn’t definitive, but acts as guide to prepare yourself for your vacation. If you take this travel advice, and act on it, we’re sure that you’ll have a great vacation.

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