8 thoughts on “Which air fare ‘extras’ charge makes you most mad?

  1. Jim Whyte

    Definitely checked baggage charges are the thing that really gets up my nose. When I travel for business, I have to carry tools prohibited in the cabin (and even when travelling for pleasure, I hate to be without a multi-tool). But checked baggage charges are enough to buy a basic multi-tool on arrival — IF you can find one!

    It’s a surcharge for being in a line of work. Ugly.

  2. Syd

    When I get to the point of booking seats for a flight and discover that there is are additional charges for this, I abandon the process and look to other airlines for my flights.

  3. Ronald Eichorn

    Having to pay for water.

  4. Maureen Coleman

    Angry? Furious? Betrayed! We have been absolutely loyal to a certain airline…if you can use the name Continental, for years. Over the weekend I wanted to transfer 60,000 OnePass miles to my daughter’s OnePass acct so she could arrange for a ticket for a wedding. $900.00!!!! To type in a number and hit enter!! Outrageous!! Ridiculous! She could buy her ticket for that amount.As I am not involved in the trip, I wanted to give her the points and have her arrange things with her friends. I will now see if I can book the ticket thru my name, but what a ripoff!

  5. Karen

    Couldn’t believe British Airways wants me to buy a seat after I paid the airfare! The nerve! Perhaps I was buying a place to stand??

  6. Sharon Roney

    It makes me crazy to have to pay an extra fee for a so called “premium” seat simply because there are no other seats available. The 10 seats out of the entire plane that are not “premium” are always mysteriously taken when I pick my seats.

  7. summertime

    A budget airline wanted to charge me for choosing my own seat!

  8. Margaret Preston

    paying for food on the airplane!!!! my ticket price could cover a small snack, or even a piece of candy … The Brazilian airline TAM at least offers that when you are first seated!

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