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Which air fare ‘extras’ charge makes you most mad?

With extra charges for…

– Checking in
– Putting luggage in the hold
– Paying with credit cards
– Reserving a seat

…and just about everything else, which air fare ‘extras’ charges do you resent paying the most?

Leave your anger as a comment below!

8 thoughts on "Which air fare ‘extras’ charge makes you most mad?"

  • Jim Whyte says:

    Definitely checked baggage charges are the thing that really gets up my nose. When I travel for business, I have to carry tools prohibited in the cabin (and even when travelling for pleasure, I hate to be without a multi-tool). But checked baggage charges are enough to buy a basic multi-tool on arrival — IF you can find one!

    It’s a surcharge for being in a line of work. Ugly.

  • Syd says:

    When I get to the point of booking seats for a flight and discover that there is are additional charges for this, I abandon the process and look to other airlines for my flights.

  • Ronald Eichorn says:

    Having to pay for water.

  • Maureen Coleman says:

    Angry? Furious? Betrayed! We have been absolutely loyal to a certain airline…if you can use the name Continental, for years. Over the weekend I wanted to transfer 60,000 OnePass miles to my daughter’s OnePass acct so she could arrange for a ticket for a wedding. $900.00!!!! To type in a number and hit enter!! Outrageous!! Ridiculous! She could buy her ticket for that amount.As I am not involved in the trip, I wanted to give her the points and have her arrange things with her friends. I will now see if I can book the ticket thru my name, but what a ripoff!

  • Karen says:

    Couldn’t believe British Airways wants me to buy a seat after I paid the airfare! The nerve! Perhaps I was buying a place to stand??

  • Sharon Roney says:

    It makes me crazy to have to pay an extra fee for a so called “premium” seat simply because there are no other seats available. The 10 seats out of the entire plane that are not “premium” are always mysteriously taken when I pick my seats.

  • summertime says:

    A budget airline wanted to charge me for choosing my own seat!

  • Margaret Preston says:

    paying for food on the airplane!!!! my ticket price could cover a small snack, or even a piece of candy … The Brazilian airline TAM at least offers that when you are first seated!

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