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Why Boise, Idaho Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Not many people know where Idaho is in the states, let alone know that Idaho is an actual state. And those who have heard about it, only knows one thing; potatoes. But Idaho is so much more than the main supplier of potatoes to the world. It’s a beautiful, rugged, untouched destination for the outdoor enthusiast. Boise, it’s capital is also a must. With a large Basque community, Shakespeare outdoor theatre, and a bustling college population, it’s definitely worth the visit. Check out the reasons below on why you should consider Boise as your next trip location.

The summer

By far the best time to visit if you like the dry desert heat, Boise is full of activities during the months of June all the way to October. Outdoor city markets, concerts, and fairs, Boise boasts a huge array of events throughout the city centre to explore. Many are kid-friendly and are free. One of the most popular activities for all ages is floating the river. Buses transport you up to the beginning of the float and you take an inner tube or raft down the slow river. Two or so hours later you’re back where you started downtown at the park where you can stay and play beach volleyball, Frisbee or cook up a BBQ right on the riverside at Ann Morrison Park.

The local food scene

Praised for its farm-to-table food movement, many local restaurants are fuelled with local products from neighbouring farms in the region. With free-range ranches and organic fruit & veg, Boise’s food scene has started to gain world-wide attention for its unique blend of local and international flavours. Not to mention it’s huge Bloody Mary obsession, where some places have their own make-it-yourself Bloody Mary Bar! Being influenced by the Basque region in Spain, there is an entire block dedicated to the international cuisine that many locals flock to on any given day to get some house made chorizo and tapas.

The arts & culture

Boise has a wonderful arts scene, including their popular Shakespeare Festival over the summer months. Their outdoor amphitheatre houses several plays and concerts in a picturesque setting down by the river. All you need to do is pack a picnic and bring a bottle of wine and relax. Touring Broadway shows make their way to Boise, stopping off for several days and sold out venues. The Boise Ballet is also another draw to the city as many talented locals have gone off to New York academies to train and come back to produce and direct their own shows in their hometown. And you can’t miss the Boise City Market every Saturday that showcases the best arts, furniture, food, and jewellery from around the region.

The local wine and beer

Idaho has over 40 wineries producing some of the best Viognier and Pinot Noir in the Northwest. With its rich volcanic soil, Idaho has made a name for itself as a leading wine producing region in the states. Considering the region has only been on the map for less than 10 years, it’s doing very well. You can rent a limo with Rod Stuart (your limo driver) and visit the beautiful vineyards of the Snake Valley Region. If wine isn’t your thing don’t worry. Breweries are popping up like weeds around the city and are getting great praise.
The winter

The outdoors

Boise is an outdoor mecca. Named year after year as the best place to mountain bike, Boise has an outdoor activity for everyone. Trails start at the base of the Foothills and continue for miles. Over 300 different trails are available to hike, bike or walk. Fishing, rafting, road biking, camping, hiking and skiing are also very popular and it’s not uncommon for locals to leave early on Friday to get a jump on traffic to escape the city and get out into the wild. Surrounded by national parks and reserves, Boise is truly a stunning and diverse place to visit.

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