Munich Landscape

Eight Reasons to Visit Munich

Munich Landscape

The friendly city of Munich welcomes millions of visitors every year with open arms. Whether it’s to celebrate the infamous Oktoberfest, sightsee, or enjoy the Bavarian gem, Munich is one of the most popular destinations on the planet. It has culture, history, food & wine, and events for every interest. If you’re looking to spend a week or even a few days here, check out our eight reasons to visit Munich below:


The party to end all parties, Oktoberfest happens every year from mid September until the beginning of October. Thousands flock to the festival in hopes to drink litres of beer, eat Bratwursts and dress up in Lederhosen while they sing and dance on top of tables. These beer halls are filled with the happiest people on earth for 16 days out of the year. The festival also includes several food & merchandise stalls and a full-blown carnival. It’s worth going once in your life to experience the tradition. Note: save your money as it’s not cheap and it books out well in advance.


Whether you’re in the mood to go old school or modern, Munich has your back. Museum Branhorst and Pinakothek der Moderne highlight artworks that are more recent. They have housed collections from the one-and-only Andy Warhol. For those looking for classic art from past centuries, check out the Alta Pinakothek for pieces from famous artists like Leonardo and Rembrandt. Known as one of Europe’s best museums, this is well worth the visit.

The HofBrauhaus

This Munich institution cannot be missed. Full of life anytime of the year, the beer hall is filled with tourists and locals, singing to the live oompah Band every night of the week. With giant pretzels, sausages, sauerkraut and lots and lots of beer, the HofBrauhaus is tradition and entertainment all rolled into one. If you want a more local and authentic version, check out the Paulaner Brauhaus for a less crowded, chilled-out atmosphere.


Christmas has come early! Starting at the end of November and leading up to Christmas Day, the ChristkindlMarkt is an all-out spectacle celebrating the holiday season. Located in the city’s main square, the Marienplatz is filled with open stalls full of crafts, souvenirs, Christmas gifts and decorations. But the biggest (literally) showstopper is the massive Christmas tree lit by thousands of candles. Add in a few Santas and holiday cheer, and you have a Christmas to remember.

River Surfing

Maybe the most unique activity t the city is river surfing. Located at the end of the Englischer Garten, the Isar River feeds into a channel, creating one constant wave. The adrenlin junkies test their surf skills while people watch on. It’s crazy to watch and only for the faint-hearted. The locals love it so much; they want it to be an established Olympic sport! If you want to take a crack at it, bring your own board and pray for good weather.


A trip to Munich wouldn’t be complete without a little history lesson. Dachau was the country’s first Nazi concentration camp. This all-male camp is now a historic museum with daily tours around the grounds. Sculptures, photos and some of the original buildings help portray the life of the prisoners during World War II. It’s a sobering experience, but an important moment in history you can visit.

Neuschwanstein Castle

This castle might look familiar as it’s the main inspiration behind Walt Disney’s Magic Castle. Neuschwanstein sits upon a mountain overlooking the stunning Fusen region. A must-do, this day trip out of Munich may be touristy, but once you see this fairytale castle, you’ll definitely understand its draw. Built for King Ludwig II, a.k.a the ‘Mad King,’ the inside is gawdy and ridiculous, but that’s half the fun. The outside is the most picture-perfect castle of all time. Make sure you save time to take a horse-drawn carriage up the hill to the castle to get the most out of the magical castle. Oh, and don’t forget that camera!

The Residenz

The lavish residence of the monarch and officials for hundreds of years past and present, The Residenz is an absolute masterpiece. Make sure you take time to venture around the grounds and keep your eye out for the Antiquarium; the massive hall filled with statues and art in every inch of the walls. Another highlight is the Cuvilliés Theatre, a beautiful place dedicated to opera. The detailed and luxurious theatre is just one part of the Bavarian museum complex, and one of the most popular attractions.

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