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For a once in a lifetime trip you want a one-of-a-kind travel experience. Hiring a private tour guide can make the difference. In this blog post we introduce the services of OTOMO- a private tour service that connects local guides with overseas visitors for a richer experience. Leave the guidebook in the hotel and go local!

How Does it Work?


Choose a tour plan by using the search function or choosing a category. Ideas range from “Dreamy Japan” , “A Japanese Soul Food Tour” to “A Tour of All Things Kawaii” and so much more!


Choose a guide based on your preferences (language, etc) and their availability and fee. You’ll hear back within 24 hours of making your request.


Book your tour and confirm within 24 hours.


All that’s left is to meet your tour guide in Japan and hey presto!- you’ve got your own private guide for a tailor-made tour.



Take a Tour- Tailor-Made For You!


Japan offers limitless possibilities. For most of us we know it’s going to be a fun trip but there’s almost too many options. Can’t I leave the decision to someone else- the good news is that you can. OTOMO offer a serious amount of options. We can’t do them all justice here but here’s a few just to whet your appetite!


akihabara tour japan sim

1.Akihabara’s Must-Sees


If you’re in Tokyo you’re going to spend an evening or a day visiting Electric City. If you’re an Otaku or fan of Otaku culture (or generally obsessive of some aspect of Japanese anime culture) then you’ve probably opted to stay in this area. So what’s the draw? The answer: Idols, Anime & Consumer Electronics! This Must-See tour takes you to AKB shops, maid cafes & even Gachapon speciality shops. You’ll leave earth for a surreal trip to a Japan that exists well- only in Japan! Simply arrange to meet your guide at Akihabara station and you’re off.


future japan cars odaiba

2.Robots & Cars


Admit it- it’s what you want to see when in Japan. Techie stuff gone mad. This tour just happens to take place at the mouth of Tokyo Bay so not only can you visit the future you can also enjoy the present. Visit the Toyota showrooms to see the cars of the future and “Miraikan” (the Future Museum) get to meet some local androids & robots. Click here to book a tour to the future.

sushi fish market tsukiji sim

3.Fish Market Sushi Tour


Visit the beating heart of the sushi industry- the outer markets of Tsukiji. There’s more than fish to this tour as your guide introduces ramen, tempura, doteni as well as introducing you to Japanese soft pizza (Monja) at nearby Tsukishima.



Everyone goes to Tsukiji on their tour but most are happy with a quick bite of sushi and off again. This tour offers the inside track- click here for more details.


Special Discount For Mobal users…


ALL Mobal users get a whopping 3,000 yen discount from any tour booked using the Mobal member’s promo code. Check the discount coupons section of your order mail to avail. Have fun!



If you’ve read this far we’ll be nice and share the discount code with you now to save you time and allow you get on with the business of booking your tour. Enjoy Japan.


Discount Code: 6G616KC7

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