The Five Most Tourist-friendly countries

Whether you are an avid traveler or leaving the country for the first time, there are some countries that are simply difficult to navigate. Whether it’s the lack of reliable transportation, the language that has a different alphabet, or basic cultural barriers that make locals seem unfriendly, sometimes a country just doesn’t feel very tourist-friendly. Luckily, there are plenty of places around the world that are incredibly friendly and waiting for you to visit. Here are five of the most tourist-friendly countries that are very welcoming to tourists. Chosen for their ease of navigation, relatively inexpensive prices, rich culture, and welcoming locals, you should consider visiting these countries the next time you plan a vacation.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

The tourists have yet to discover the beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but the residents of the small Balkan country are ready to be found. The country has a long and difficult past filled with war and genocide, but since the end of the Bosnian War in 1995, Bosnia and Herzegovina has slowly built itself into a tourist destination. The small town of Mostar has a blend of cultures that converge in the town center with Christian basilicas, Turkish quarters, and Muslim mosques. These different ethnic groups once fought against each other, but now live side by side in celebration of their differences. The Bosnians are just as accepting and welcoming to individuals who visit from around the world. Mostar is very walkable and like the rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina, incredibly easy to navigate. Busses run frequently and a train takes Mostar visitors through the winding mountains directly to Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Much like Mostar, Sarajevo is a highly compact city that is easy to explore on foot. Bosnia is also incredibly cheap. You can enter most of the museums for only five to 10 Bosnian marks, which is equivalent to three dollars to six dollars. Without crowds of tourists, Bosnia and Herzegovina will be yours to explore.


Belize boasts a blend of Latin American and Caribbean cultures with some of the best snorkeling and beaches in the world. Tourists regularly visit Belize, but not nearly as much as the popular resorts found in Belize’s next door neighbor, Mexico. The country has world class attractions in its deep jungles and on its beautiful coast. Poor infrastructure and poverty still plague the small Caribbean nation, but the country uses American and Brazilian dollars as its official currency and its hotels and activities are cheap. The official language is also English, making it very accessible to North American tourists and other English speakers. Most foreign nationals won’t need a tourist visa in Belize, making it an incredibly easy place to enter and stay for a while. Belize has some of the most famous Mayan ruins, the Altun Ha and the Xunantunich ruins. Unlike most surrounding countries, Belize still lets you climb up the ruins for a spectacular view. Belize also has world class scuba diving and snorkeling. You can pay cheaply to experience most of the top-notch diving places or you can splurge to visit the Blue Hole, a large sinkhole that is 410 feet deep. It’s the largest natural formation of its kind and it is part of the UNESCO Barrier Reef Reserve System.


As the largest country in East Africa, Tanzania offers diverse landscape and a unique culture. Adventurous travelers can visit the highest point in the Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, and the lowest point in the Africa, Lake Tanganyika. Tourists also frequent the beautiful safari lands of the Serengeti and the world class beaches of the island Zanzibar. For tourists hoping to catch a sight of the Big 5 (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, rhinoceros), which are considered the most difficult animals to find on a safari, January and February are the best time to visit. At this times, the wildebeest, buffalo, and zebras make their annual migration through the Serengeti to better grazing areas. The people of Tanzania are welcoming and friendly. Most speak English as it is one of the official languages of Tanzania. With so much to do in a country that welcomes tourists, Tanzania is an obvious place for a beach, mountain, or safari adventure.


In 2017, the World Economic Forum ranked Spain as the most tourist friendly country in its Travel & Tourism Competitiveness report. The report ranks countries by indicators such as infrastructure, safety, technology friendly, price value, and more. In Spain, travelers can easily travel between cities and will have no trouble finding accommodations or Internet and phone connectivity. For these reasons, and many more, over 68 million tourists visit Spain every year. Rich in beauty and culture, Spain provides everything from the ultimate beach escapes to the fast-pace of a bustling city found in Madrid. The country also holds the third largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, following after only Italy and China. Spain has endless tourist friendly activities from the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona to La Tomatina, a huge annual tomato fight in Bunol.


On Christmas Day, thousands of Japanese families celebrate one of the most beloved traditions of the year: enjoying a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. As one of the friendliest countries in the world, you can be sure that Japanese will give a special welcome to Americans, the creators of commercialized fried chicken, country music, baseball and Hawaiian food, all of which are loved by the small Asian country. Beyond the assurance that you will be welcomed with open arms in Japan, you should also visit the country for its excellent food, culture, and landscape. The “Land of the Rising Sun” combines old and new in a miraculously compatible way. The Japanese embrace both American and their own thriving pop culture, while still holding fast to the traditions found in tea ceremonies, gardens, and temples. Visit some of the most historic sites in Japanese countryside and then travel to Tokyo for a fun night of ramen and karaoke.

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