Osaka Nightclub Pass is Your Guide to Osaka’s Nightlife!

The Osaka Nightclub Pass is an exciting new way for tourists to enjoy the night life Osaka has to offer! It can be tough as a tourist in a foreign country, not knowing where to go at night! You never want to be that tourist that accidentally wonders into the ‘wrong’ bar. This nightclub pass is designed to take that exact stress away from tourists, giving tourists access to 10 of the hottest club’s Osaka has on offer! It is perfect for those who want to find an exciting place to let loose and for those who want to club hop until the sun rises!

Here’s a little bit of info on the clubs that are on offer:

Giraffe Japan

Giraffe is a staple for nightlife in Japan! You will have access to a range of different rooms which each have their own music and atmosphere! Be sure to have a drink or 10! The all you can drink option can be really good value for those of you that are chasing a not so memorable night! ???? They say it’s the people that make this place so come and add yourself to the exciting atmosphere and party the night away!!


A popular place to go after Giraffe as it located right next door! You can chill with the cute bar tenders on the 1st floor or you can go up to the 2nd floor where the party gets going! Here you will find all the party people going hard on the dance floor if that’s your jam! Overall, it’s a great extension to add to your night, and will keep the good vibes going!


You will find that G2 is a place that peaks around 5am! If you are into partying all night long this club has been designed just for you! G2 do not open their doors until 2am believe it or not! A typical night out in Japan will start at Giraffe, then move to G3 and finish with G2! Can you last all the way to G2? You will find G2 has an electrifying atmosphere, great music and overall good vibes!


One of the more exclusive clubs in Osaka! There are many VIP areas for those who wish to spend a little extra. The 1st floor has VIP seating options, whereas the 2nd floor is VIP exclusive. Do not let this deter you though! There is a decently sized dance floor on the first floor available to all guests, where you’ll be able to enjoy electric pop music cranking all night long!


Among all the clubs that the nightclub pass has on offer, Piccadilly has got to be one of the favourites! The venue itself is just stunning! You’ll catch special events every Friday and Saturday! And there is a great selection of music to dance away to! One of the best vibes in the city can be felt in this venue! Why not come down and be a part of it!

Adam Lounge

Another club that opens late (midnight), so perfect for a clubbing after party! Adam is another club with stunning interior! Plenty of interesting menu options to keep you amused! Try the many flavours of shisha on offer, or one of the alcoholic fruit smoothies! Adam even lets you create your own original smoothie for those of you with wacky taste! A good selection of DJ’s play throughout the night, that will make your night go off!


A heads up, this club gets very crowded! If that’s your thing then this is the place for you! There is something different happening here every night! Not to mention they play a mixture of every genre of music!


One of the cleanest clubs in Osaka. The staff will clean the floor as soon as a drink is spilt meaning you won’t get that icky sticky floor that clubs are renowned for. Unlike many of the other clubs in Osaka, this place is very spacious and smoke free! There are 2 floors with different styles of music cranking! This place is definitely one of the highlights on the Osaka Nightclub Pass! So if you like to party in a more classy setting, be sure to add Cheval to your list!


A great club to visit if your more of a hip-hop type of person! Even though the venue is only open weekends, Berg has swiftly established themselves as the go to hip-hop destination in Osaka! They are also open till early hours of the morning for those of you who like to party hard! You will be buzzing from the atmosphere while you’re at this place, not to mention the interior is amazing!


What’s one word that sums up Ammona? I’d have to go with wild! Experience 3 separate DJ’s, cage dancers, lasers and lights! As a result, this club attracts a very energetic crowd! You will find a good mix of foreigners and locals drinking together and having fun! Ammona stays open fairly late, making it a great one stop club or a great place to visit after checking out some of the other local venues!


If you want free access to these fabulous clubs, please purchase an Osaka Nightclub Pass! It is incredible value as you will pay a very similar price to access one club alone! Have safe travels and enjoy your stay in Osaka, Japan!

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This blog post was written by our intern visiting from Australia, Chris Border.
See what else he’s been getting up to during his time in Japan here.

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